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FBI Wants DNA of Juveniles

Posted By: §intå×

FBI Wants DNA of Juveniles - 11/20/03 10:59 AM

In what would be the biggest expansion of the national DNA database the FBI started in 1992, the FBI is proposing a law which would allow it to collect DNA from juvenile offenders and adults who get arrested. Before only convicted adults gave DNA.
Civil liberties groups like the ACLU fear that taking DNA from people before they are convicted is judging them guilty before conviction. Juvenile advocates call this a "permanent criminal genetic record" for juvenile offenders.

The Bush Administration and other proponents say expanding the DNA database will help police solve more crimes. Some states already collect DNA from people who are arrested and juvenile offenders. The FBI initiative would affect all states.

Posted By: Disgruntled

Re: FBI Wants DNA of Juveniles - 11/21/03 11:40 AM

Yet another lame [censored] idea from the guy in the big white house. At the rate they are going, america is going to resemble the one from the movie "Escape from L.A"
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