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Video - Bell again...

Posted By: Gremelin

Video - Bell again... - 01/18/07 09:06 AM


This is helarious, they split up becasue they where a monopoly, yet they buy everything back together? what the hell lol...

Wonder if they'll pull a microshaft and offer different services on different domains wink...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Video - Bell again... - 01/18/07 03:42 PM

We can already see the monopoly at work with the effort to eliminate Net Neutrality. I plan on posting the news for this, but yesterday Verizon made a deal with a North Carolina company to shift its coper plants in New England into this smaller company. They deal has Verizon Stock holders owning 60% of the second company and shifts over 1 billion dollars of debt into this company.
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