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Symantec pcAnywhere 10.5

Posted By: Gremelin

Symantec pcAnywhere 10.5 - 07/14/04 07:20 PM

Title: pcAnywhere 10.5
Author: Symantec

Rating: 4/5
I originally purchased this software so that I could work on a clients computer who was a few states away when I was at home so that I wouldn't have to take their word on the issues that their having... I was however quite amazed at how well this software does work...

With this software you can have multiple remotes (connecting to server) or multiple hosts (server). The best feature in my mind is the artificial desktop... You can see completely what they see; in their resolution and color debth... Keep in mind however that you may want to set the colors lower than what their using so that you can view their connection faster... Less you need to load the faster you will load.

Setup is a breeze with this software; install, restart, click hosts, click add, click users, add user, done. It's so simple my dog could quite honestly probably set it up...

The only downside is that you can't adjust the resolution smaller than what it is, you can only adjust their resolution to yours... Wouldn't be too bad of a thing if you weren't on a rediculous resolution like I am on my laptop, but if the host machine is running 800x600 it can be quite entertaining...

All in all I give this 4 out of 5 stars; great price, awesome features, just could be made a little better for the extra rating point...
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