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phreaking - what does it takes?

Posted By: sorcerer

phreaking - what does it takes? - 05/04/04 04:11 AM

hello everyone .
I am new here and this is my first post.

like most of the people I was intersted in hacking at first but now I am more intrested in phreaking .

so my question is :
what does it take to be a phreaker ?
I am not asking you to teach me how or something ! I am only asking what is the skills that a phreaker should have ?
he should know about electronics and how to create circules ?
and things like that.

thanks for your time!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 05/04/04 09:26 AM

You should learn about the telecomm and switches. But basically now adays all you need is a lineman's set and a pair of cahone's
Posted By: n0mel

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 05/04/04 12:30 PM

Gizmo, do you say that because flaws don't exist like they used to, so, we're limited to lineman's sets?

sorcerer, it's always good to know how to hide your phone number and get free calls, and generally exploit the phone system in ways it wasn't intended to be used. it doesn't seem like much has changed from back in the old days, just that we can't use flaws in their routing systems (that I'm aware of) using simple electronics...or whistles.

I would think that would be considered hacking more than anything since everything is controlled by computers these days.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 05/04/04 12:56 PM

Never said flaws didn't exist; lord knows that they do. NyNexPhreak still blueboxes through China from England to call around the world; so it's obvious that they still exist.

Lineman's sets will give a user a basic understanding of how phones work, and will allow them to make calls from a TNI.

And yes, most telephone systems are now moving over to VoIP but they can still tax users on the internet access as it's using their lines or some crap.
Posted By: weeve

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 05/07/04 04:13 PM

heh, I'D have to say on this topic, no comment. As the phreaking scene with exclusion of a few old school out there is dieing or dead imo. Even with those still "trying" to keep it alive. There's stuff to do, it's just wow, exploit, packet wifi hack, light phreak, steal software, bla bla bla. This is not, what it was. We all know that, those who were there.

But like giz, on the taxing stuff bro, heh, might wanna read the taxing Internet news I posted. It's scary:| ...real scary. The more control a government has, the closer they reach to a dictatorship. You can quote me on that:) Look at that kid that got SS on his [censored] for draws of bush, I mean come ON! He was even in Washington the State, not DC. The SS is doing [censored] out of their jurisdiction, which is, the president, and saying it is in regard to national security.

What's next. Hacker's, and Phreakers because their smart are now a national security threat. So while I'm buttering my toast they can break in on me for something I did years ago that they tested for my DNA that they pulled from a Mat outside my house? Yea...our government CAN, and will do that I'd imagine for gain. But have they, or will they? *shrug*...this applies to us all I think. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Freakin, I used to not believe in that, esp back when I was a teen or young teen I believed in the h/p/v/a/c spirit. Which died after 2000.:| frown How it used to be.

Can it ever be the same again?
Posted By: Chameleon

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 06/10/04 11:46 AM

Like everyone is saying the exploits are still there its just that they are harder to find and use. But they will always b there!
Posted By: weeve

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 06/13/04 12:56 AM

still there yep Cham, they are sometimes harder, and easier. Imo in a couple years it will be easier. Because things are a changing, like they always have. Hot to cold, cold to Hot. They will always be there. Nothing is inaccessible or uncrackable, nothing is unhackable with your morals/ethics in line, and you can phreak anything you want to learn & to expand possibilities. Finding something is the easy part, learning how it works can be easy or hard, depending on who you are, what you know, and how you learn.
Posted By: dorkus the kid

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/07/04 11:37 PM

weeve is right. the comunity is dying. both phreaking and hacking have become somthing that is in my mind a disaster.. especialy hacking. now days any kid with a computer can d-load a program and start "hacking" without knowing the slightest bit of what he is doing. and as for what skills you need go with giz on this one.
Posted By: Chameleon

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/09/04 11:37 AM

There are very few real "hackers" out their now everybody just downloads the programs and boast about it in the chatrooms
Posted By: Chameleon

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/09/04 11:39 AM

sorry i posted twice in a row but the best advice i have for Sorc. is read up on the phone networks and systems and read ALOT learn how everything works then just look for the "Holes" or flaws in the system and figure out how to exploit them
Posted By: lilrappinplaya

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/23/04 11:51 PM

eiight y'all if u want to still do this tracfone [censored] give me a holla my sn is lilrappinplaya Dats aim if y'all didnt no
Posted By: natas

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/24/04 09:49 AM

hey gizmo, whats up man? im natas. so nynexphreak is still around??? does he hang out on these forums or do u talk to him often? i wanted to talk to him and discuss some stuff about blueboxings current state sometime. hes a real smart guy. later.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/24/04 12:01 PM

Oh god man I haven't talked to NyNex in like ~3 years now lol... I miss talking to him frown ... He was my buddy; and that accent :swoon: lol....
Posted By: natas

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/24/04 01:10 PM

damn. im friends with lucky and he said hes talk to him fairly recently. like maybe 2-4 months ago i guess? apparently, he moves around alot so hes hard to get ahold of.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 07/24/04 02:40 PM

'eh I talk to lucky pretty much daily; I'm the billing contact of his domain, not like he has much choice :x...
Posted By: reelcoolian

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 08/22/04 06:42 PM

heh it might takes <<< some grammar... other than that a lot of studyin or talking to people who know it... there are some quick fixes but most of the stuff takes time
Posted By: snakebyte

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 10/03/04 12:54 AM

hackers, and phreaks will always be out there, most are my age, just get a buzz off of looking at at&t from the inside. sigh its the people that corrupt systems with their "gear" that have feds busting down doors at 3 in the morning arreasting you for some obsence fed charge, because you could of possibly have done something really bad...
Posted By: Fire

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 10/05/04 08:31 AM

Although I'm not that old (14), After reading a few days worth of phreaking stories and a few other phreaking documents i would just like to say, phone companies have changed around their systems a lot, but the main reason that fewer holes have been discovered and exploited is not because the phone companies are just that good, its because all these beginning phreakers do not take their time to search for documents explaining how things work, they just skim through or search for boxes that have already been made, make them, and use them, without even trying to understand how these boxes and exploits work, or trying to find or build new exploits and boxes.

As for what it takes to be a phreaker, i believe it takes time, patience, and an exceeding desire to learn.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 10/06/04 01:34 AM

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that
of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.
My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never
forgive me for.

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto.

+++The Mentor+++
Jesus this is old. That was writen in the 80's I belive.
Posted By: Fire

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 10/06/04 02:58 PM

Yes, i know. I have found it (and the rest of it) on numerous sites and documents. Thought it would be a good quote to put down there, and as long as the UGN staff doesn't disapprove of it, i will keep it there.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 10/07/04 02:38 AM

January 8, 1986; it's fairly long but good reading none the less wink ... Get your copy here .
Posted By: Ice

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 10/18/04 03:17 PM

or buy yourself a nice copy of hackers and you can hear on of the FBI "agents" reading it..

Very old lol =]
Posted By: nynex

Re: phreaking - what does it takes? - 12/12/04 06:49 PM

Chip chip. Kp2-1-202-456-1414-St!!!!! Brrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggg

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"Please record your message"

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c4Ll c0MpUt3rZ 4Nd l3cH poRN!
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