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How can trolls be put off the internet?

Posted By: TrollSmasher

How can trolls be put off the internet? - 09/21/03 04:51 AM

Good afternoon, gang;

I'm not talking about the occasional smart aleck we all have seen posting stupid messages on a forum. I'm talking about those who demonstrate anti-social behavior by coming into a legitimate site and posting time after time with insults, challenges to be banned, and in general ruining the atmosphere originally established by the site's owner.

I know of a certain person who has over 1350 pages that come up on a Google search, all leading to sites where he/she has left ridiculous garbage. The worst part of it is that this person has targeted an important forum where I visit to gain info concerning a hobby of mine.

I have too many projects needing attention to learn how to hack etc and besides, I am old enough that learning how would take me years beyond my life's expectancy.

But this person is so vile and so lacking in conscience that I would like to know a way of putting him/her out of our hair for good. Am I in violation here by asking someone with any ideas to private message me? Naturally, I'm not talking about physical violence. I and many others just want the creep prevented from coming into our forums.

All ideas will be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance if you have one to share.
Posted By: Crime

Re: How can trolls be put off the internet? - 09/21/03 07:41 AM

[censored] you, nobody cares cept you.

and why is this in phreaking ?
Posted By: TrollSmasher

Re: How can trolls be put off the internet? - 09/21/03 08:43 AM

Cool answer there, Crime. Fact is a number care about this issue and I was chosen to seek a solution. Why is it in phreaking? 'nother good answer.....I spent half an hour trying to find the proper forum for my question and this one seemed the best. Sorry if it hit your foot when I dropped it here.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: How can trolls be put off the internet? - 09/21/03 09:42 AM

Crime is right when he says this is the wrong forum. I don't see how you could have thought this is even remotely akin to phreaking. Nonsense like this is really not needed here, but if you must post it then throw it in Off Topic.

But what I really don't get is if you're so anti troll then wtf are you coming here and trolling our boards? I think everyone here would appreciate it if you would keep crap like this off of our boards.

Posted By: sinetific

Re: How can trolls be put off the internet? - 09/22/03 03:09 PM

/me notes:
"Off Topic - Doesn't fit elsewhere? It goes here. "

I pity you if you've spent a half hour looking for the correct forum and didn't see that.
Do you run/own/administrate these boards? If so you can easily block thier account, IP, hostname, or a variety of other things. If you don't run the board, maybe the person that is in charge doesn't share the same opinion as you and has no problem with this person. If they did, logically, they would do something to remove the person's presence from their board. The truth is you can't stop someone from having an opinion, and if it's different than yours, I suggest you just learn to deal with it. That is the solution I suggest for you, learn tolerance. It will do you a great deal of good in your life and be very beneficial in your social endeavours, as well as the work place environment. For it is tolerance that allows people like us to deal with people like you.

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