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PBX HAcking

Posted By: DecAy

PBX HAcking - 09/19/03 02:08 AM

Our company’s PBX system recently got hacked. I am laughing my [censored] of because the arrogant prick who is in charge of the system just showed how big a dumb [censored] he is. He apparently left all the defaults in place. (There are no victims – only volunteers). I have heard about a lot of this going on and had thought it was probably foreign students or the like trying not to get phucked over by the phone company. (if it doesn’t cost me per minute for an internet connection that connects me overseas – why they hell does it for a phone call???)

What’s got me is that all the calls went to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and the Philippines. (As my paranoia starts setting in). I start to think about who (in general) may be doing this. Do people hack these things then post the numbers somewhere or is it a small group doing it for other purposes? Any thoughts on this?
Posted By: unreal

Re: PBX HAcking - 09/19/03 03:58 AM

If your admin wasn't such a dumbass, he would be able to find out very easily who was dialing in.
Posted By: Crime

Re: PBX HAcking - 09/20/03 03:25 AM

Posted By: smartyhands

Re: PBX HAcking - 09/23/03 02:11 AM

Not much of a hack to use the PBX defaults. I used to op PBX at ****

I agree with crime (apparently aptly named), this is not like my 900 number and free hintline exploits.

As rebellious and anarchistic as I am... you should probably report this to "the authorities". Dontcha think?

Some ashes won't birth you again, crime @B^)

lol "How can I direct your call?" oh, the memories...
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