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TracFone hacking a possibility.

Posted By: Lory

TracFone hacking a possibility. - 09/12/04 12:24 PM

Look, I don't see why you all have such complications over this. Hell I've even seen people suggest generating 20,000 sets of numbers each 15 numbers long and then pasting them into browser, or using some 3rd party program. Wtf? Why? Are NONE of you programmers? How difficult is it to go to and then to their redeem air minutes section, put in some BS numbers, turn on a packet sniffer such as Iris or SockSpy, then simply copy the data. Afterwards for security purposes you could use proxy servers to brute force the server using your cookie information and your real ESN number. I tend to believe they deactivat ESN numbers after X amount of attempts, which is obvious. Consider the attack possibilities.. You could deactivate phones of virtually every phone wink the same generator used for making keys could also generate ESN numbers. This would force the TracFone company to refine their methods, another issue would possibly be the cookie data going out of date. To eliminate this problem have sockets at different events connect to obtain new cookie informaiton. As to why this hasn't been done before, who knows.

- Lory
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: TracFone hacking a possibility. - 09/12/04 01:40 PM

Closed. RE: Yet another useless trackphone topic.
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