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nuisance calls

Posted By: Davester

nuisance calls - 07/08/03 04:34 PM

I'm getting calls from a withheld number where the caller phones, doesn't say anything then hangs up after about 20-30 seconds.
Is thier anyway i can trace the call or get just get hold of the number? Even linking the computer to the phonline then running a software package that would trace the call etc???

Phone company say's they can't do anything and suggest changing number.

Also i'm in the U.K so its the U.K's phone network

thanks to anyone that can help
Posted By: Crime

Re: nuisance calls - 07/08/03 06:01 PM

A) this should have been in phreaking, not newbie questions

B) tried caller ID or *69 ?
i donno much about UK's systems
Posted By: ObiWan

Re: nuisance calls - 07/08/03 06:04 PM

There are programs that can record your calls; I use to have one on my machine. It also logged the phone number and date stamped it. I already had caller id enabled, I do not know if it is needed to make that part of the program work. As for your location, I do not know if that will change anything.
A quick search on Google reveals a number of sites some with free demos.;oe=UTF-8&q=phone+recording+software
Posted By: UndeadBob

Re: nuisance calls - 07/08/03 08:30 PM

in the uk we have 1471 where it says the time that someone last called you and their number and an option to call them back. but they cn withhold their number. and since your are in the uk i think you tried this already.
Posted By: Davester

Re: nuisance calls - 07/08/03 09:31 PM

Caller ID is enabled but in the U.K you can dial 141 before the a number and that prevents your number from showing up on caller ID and you can't retrieve the number either by dialing 1471

P.S sorry for not posting under phreaking didn't know wot that meant! maybe one of the moderators can move it???

Thanks again for any help given
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: nuisance calls - 07/09/03 04:02 PM

thats *79 in US
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: nuisance calls - 07/09/03 05:17 PM

*67 in Canada wink
Posted By: Infinite

Re: nuisance calls - 07/09/03 05:38 PM

And moved to phreaking.
Posted By: Donnie Darko

Re: nuisance calls - 08/20/03 10:24 AM

it isn't *79 in the US. Its *69 to find out who just called you and *67 to prevent the person you're calling from using *69
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