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alil thing i found.... *spy*

Posted By: Moffesto

alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/27/02 02:35 AM

this is interesting, i havent finished reading it but im posting it for anyone else that wants to read.

1)1 phone cord
2)2 alligator clips (Red & Green for easiness)
3)1 flathead screwdriver
4)1 phone (any kind)
5)1 brain (not needed)
6)1 flashlight (don't try during the day)


First you take the phone cord, without touching it will look like
Cut off one of the #s. Now cut about 2 inches off of the cover of the end
missing the #. Now your cord should look like this;
Cut off the yellow and black wires at the base of what cord-cover is left
(they are not used in this project). Now you take the red/green wires and
strip off an inch of the covering (under the covering should be copper
colored wire. It will look like this;
Take the alligator clips, and attach them to the stripped wires, matching
red/red and green/green. You now have THE 'BEIGE BOX'.


NOW, this little device will serve 2 (MAIN) purposes...
1)Free phone calls
2)Eavesdropping (for blackmail)


You hook the # into the phone, and then you go to the house that you
will either make your call from, or spy on. Go to the side of their house
with the boxes on it, you should see a little box with the bell symbol on
it (a bell in a circle),take out the screwdriver and open the box
(the middle screw will pop it right open). Now look at the inside of the
box with the flashlight...You should see wires connected to screws...notice
the colors? These are the same colors as inside a will
now take the alligator clips and put them over the screws that have a wire
with the matching color leading to them. now take the phone off the hook...
if you don't hear talking or a dial-tone...then you screwed up. Now you
can listen when they talk, OR make calls when they are not using the phone.
TO find your ANI(number of the phone that you are on) dial 1-800-223-1104,
or in some places dialing 200-200-2000 will also give you your ani
(A operator recording will tell you the phone number). Ani stands for
Automatic Number Identification, which every phone line that is activated
has. Basically its just the phone number of the person's line you are on.
If none of these Ani numbers work for you, join #phreak in irc and ask them
for one, or ask some local phone phreakers in your state.


Well lets say you and your crew of hackers/phone phreakers/ANSI Kids/
Warez group, or whatever you're in would all like to talk to each and
discuss the happenings of what is going on in the group, or have new ideas
or new information to share latest hack's or what not. But damn, because of
AT&T's High phone rate, its too expensive to call people in other states,
and chat with the them for along time. Well, this may work for you. Note
this isn't new to a lot of people, most know about this, but the fact is
that I really think AT&T sucks a big fat [censored], I would like more people to
know about this. Phone Phreakers/Hackers have been doing this for years, and
so have some of the Warez Kidz and ANSI doodz. What I am talking about is
called TELECONFERENCING. Basically teleconferencing is when you call
up a business such as AT&T or for any other big phone companies and tell
them you would like to setup a conference call for your business. They will
ask you for some information (see below), and they will give you an 800
number and pin number. Depending on how ports you set it up for you give
this 800 number and pin number to your friends on irc you all call it up and
BAM your all connected and can talk for free, for how ever long you set it
up. How nice and convenient for you and your group.

Instructions on setting up and AT&T Teleconference While Beige boxing.
note: This is after your Beige box is already hooked to the phone

1) Find out the number of the phone line you are calling from, by
dialing an ANI read-back number, I gave a couple above in this text file.
Its a good thing to have paper with you so you can write down the phone
number, and anything else you need to write down.

2) Next call 1-800-232-1111 which is the AT&T Teleconference service.
Tell them you are interested in setting up a teleconference, they will ask
you for a company name and company address and ask for your phone number.
Give the them phone number of the phone line that you are using. They will
ask you what time you want it setup for make sure you know what time zone
you are in, (for all you dumb [censored] out there) and give them a time. Next
they will ask how many ports you want it for, ports = number of lines, so
if you want 10 people to call, say 10 ports. And don't be stupid when doing
this or they will get specious and it won't work. Don't say you want 50
ports for 20 hours, be sensible like say 12 to 15 ports for like 3 to 5
hours. You can always go back and extend it too, if you want more time and

3) OK now this varies, depending on the operator you get, the above
things I told you, some times they will ask to call you back before they
take down your information, or sometimes they will ask to take your
information and then they will call you back. Why do they call you back??
Well the simple reason is to prevent this what you are planning to do from
happening. No make sure you think up of a company name address and bullshit
before you even go out and do this just to make it easier on your self.
Its also a good idea to beige box right from a company that is closed.
Because no one will be there and you won't have to worry about anyone
picking up the phone. Picking up the phone you say?? Ya that's right
picking up the phone, if you box off a person house you have to worry
about them picking up the phone, which sucks. And if you beige box off a
companies line you can use that companies name and address and give it to
the [censored] AT&T operator, so you won't have to make one up.

4) OK now to better yourself from the people picking up the phone at
the house you are beige boxing off, you can disconnect their phone by
taking the jack (that those screws have wires leading to) and taking it
out, now they have no phone line (just hope they donít go to use their
phone). Hook it back up when you are done. Or box off a house when you
know that the people aren't home. Or like I said before box off a business.

5) Now lets say you called AT&T gave them the info that you made up,
or gave them info about the business who's line you are using, they will
say they will call you back in a few minutes. OK so they will hang up wait
around for about 15 minutes usually they call back right away, but if it
takes like more then a half hour its probably not gonna work mean that
there is probably a billing restriction on the line or something. You
could always call back and find out why they didn't call back I do that,
sometimes they are busy or what not. Next say they call back they will say
ok we have your conference scheduled for whatever time you set it up for
and for however many ports you set it up for. Now they will give you an
800 number and 2 Pin numbers. One of the Pin numbers is for the host of the
conference which is you, and the second one is for all the people that you
want to call your conference. Then you say thank you and hang-up and call
some other numbers or go home. Now you can set up your conferences like
weeks or days ahead, or you can set them up to start in an hour.

6) Calling to the conference, well you as the host call the 800
number and enter your pin you give your friends the 800 number and there
pin, and they call. Remember if the host doesn't call within a half hour
after the conference started it will automatically shut down. Calling with
the host pin will allow you to get the operator on the line to add more time
or you can also shut the conference down. But if you all call up you will
all be connected and can talk for free.

7) Now a couple things, well setting one of these up real late at
night, like at 1:00am is sometimes hard cause they say they aren't able to
access the equipment but you can mostly likely do it. But try to do it as
early as possible, it makes it more legit. Also you say well what if they
get my phone number when calling the 800 number, because for those of you
who don't know every 800 number has ANI automatic number identification,
which means your number will show up on the bill they get or on a little
screen they have depending how sophisticated they are. Well for one thing
you can't get in trouble for calling an illegal 800 number if you didn't
know it was illegal right?? of course, some kid gave it to you from irc he
said it was ok that's a good one to use. But in my 7 years of setting up
conferences and calling conferences I have never had anyone call me and ask.
AT&T is such a big company that they don't give a [censored], they have enough
money as it is. So don't worry about it. But a couple things you can do to
stop your Ani from getting passed some what is by having your local operator
dial the 800 number for you. By doing that your number stops at the
operators switchboard she then transfers an ANI of 555-0000 to the 800
number you are calling then they don't know where you are calling from.
Note this isn't 100% safe so don't do it to make credit card or calling card
calls from your house by having the operator dial the number for you because
you will get caught. Just use it as a type of a diverter to call 800
teleconferences with it works great. Also the only person that has to worry
about anything at all is the host, the person that setup the conference,
witch I don't even bother to worry about just as long as I dial 0 and have
the operator dial the 1-800 number AT&T gave me. Or what I do sometimes is
go to a local pay phone and call the conference up from there enter the
host pin in at the pay phone leave it off the hook and go back home and call
the conference and enter the user pin. That way there is no way to get
framed for setting up the conference.
That is pretty much about it, just be careful, and use your brain.


Setup a AT&T teleconference from a pay phone that accepts incoming
calls. Most pay phones that are put in by your local phone company won't
allow you to setup conferences from AT&T because it will say they are unable
to be billed to. But every city, State, Town has some pay-phones witch look
a little different then your normal pay-phones in your area, and aren't
owned by your local phone company. These phones are called Cocots, witch
are Customer Own and operated Pay-phones. Usually you can setup AT&T
conferences from these for awhile until they get smart on you and have them
restricted. You can tell that a phone is a Cocot by it won't have your
normal phone company sticker on it, when you try to dial out with it, it
will have an automated operator saying please deposit 25 cents over and over
and it will have the keypad locked out until you put in the money, and you
won't be able to red box from them. Now if you do get a conference setup
through one of these Cocots, its nice because you can keep setting up
conferences from here because AT&T will have your information on computer
and you just give them the same pin numbers and 1-800 number from the last
conference and they will set up another conference for you its nice.
Also some of the new phone boxes out let you just plug in a normal
phone into the box, so check out the one on the side of your house, to get a
feel of what to do before going out and actually doing it, so you know
exactly what you are doing.
Another thing, if you know anyone in an apartment building or live
close to a box make a cordless beige box hook a lantern battery up to a
cordless phone to give it power and hook the phone up to the phone box, and
take the handset inside and you have a cordless beige box, just remember the
phone box you are tapping into has to be close but do to the range of the
cordless phone. If you know a person that lives in an apartment building
you can try to get into the maintenance room or just use the phone box
outside hook it up and take the handset into his apartment and you have
yourself free phone calls and don't have to stand out side and worry about
getting caught, and being cold in the winter time.
Another thing to do, is go to your local business and go trashing
(dumpster diving) in there dumpster and look for credit card receipts, and
passwords, and anything else you can use to your advantage, phone companies
are good places to find lots of secret information. Secret Codes ways to
call for free, information on the telephone companies switch all sorts of
goodies. If you do find credit cards most receipts have the persons credit
card and there first name, well bring out the good old phone book and look
up the persons name for his address and phone number, and there you have
yourself a full info credit card to use, to get onto on-line services, card
merchandise and other sorts of stuff. Also travel agencies throw out
invoice and receipts that have a persons full credit card information in
fact, a lot of places do. So check around you will be suprised at what you
find. The best way to trash is pull up to a dumpster and throw a couple
bags of trash in the vehicle and go home or someplace else and look through
it, so nobodies see you at the business so you don't get in any trouble.
And if you take it home to look through you can look through it more
carefully that way. Also carry a bag of pop cans with you In case the cops
see you tell them you are looking for pop cans, or make up something good.
Also don't have anything illegal on you when you go trashing so that they
can't link your trashing to any illegal activities.


With credit numbers just the numbers, you don't need a name or
address, or anything else. You can call 1-800-call-ATT hit 1 for a credit
card call it will ask for you to enter in the phone number you are calling,
it will ask to enter in your credit card number and expiration date. And
there you have it free phone calls. A couple things don't do this from your
house unless you know how to divert your calls to make them look like they
are coming from a different place, and also do to the large amount of credit
card calls AT&T won't take visa credit cards, only Master card, American
Express and Discover, The same goes for all the other companies.
1-800-any-call is MCIís phone number to make credit card calls also but you
need the zip code of the credit card you are using, and they to don't take


Some conferences place like Sprint and many others will let you setup
teleconferences with full info credit cards. When I say full info I mean
name, address, phone number and card number. So try that but do it from a
pay-phone when setting it up.
You can also use cards for on-line services, to order [censored] to peoples
house you don't like dildos and stripers and stuff, you can also use it on a
service called send-a-song witch is fun the number is 1-800-272-SONG. It
lets you card a song to a persons house, fun to do to harass a person.
There are many possibilities you can do just think of them.
Also there are many teleconferences places out there get your phone
book out and look them up try those.
And remember always use a pay-phone unless you know how to phone
phreak real well, AT&T also has a dialout conference where you dial out to
all the people you want on the conference fun to do when beige boxing
0700-456-1000 its all automated and nice when beige boxing.
Some numbers to call when beige boxing or making credit card calls
from pay-phones.

1)1-801-855-3326 Defcon voice bridge its a voice party-line where
Phone phreakers and computer hackers hangout. Call it after all it will be
free use 1-800-call-ATT for calling this. Defcon also has a web page

2)1-516-473-2626 2600 voice bbs, a voice bbs of messages left by
phone phreakers and hackers.


This method has been around for a long time. It is for getting free
phone calls from a very OLD payphone(like the one at my school) Here is what
you do: Take a paper-clip, and unfold it so that it looks like this;

Now stick the pointed end inside the middle hole of the reciever and
the round end on the bell sign (a circle with a bell in it). Dial the
number that you want to talk to. As you dial the number you should hear the
tones out load (faint and wierd sounding). when the last tone has stopped
making noise, take the paper-clip out and talk on the phone. ENJOY!!!
Try to not get shocked.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/27/02 02:36 AM

if u want the txt contact me on AIM... sn: moffettman85t.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/27/02 02:36 PM

ill never pay 4 another bill!!! <img border="0" alt="[Satan]" title="" src="graemlins/satan.gif" />
Posted By: Curse

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/27/02 05:43 PM

Those numbers that read off your ANI are called ANACs, Automated Number Announcement Circuit.
Posted By: bor

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/27/02 06:01 PM

beige boxing is a very old idea, and has been used by many of us. I used to use it all the time...For legal purposes of course wink

Now a days, you don't even nee aligator clips, etc. Most newer TNI boxes (70's and older I believe) have an actual phone jack inside of them, so you can just plug a normal phone inside of them. However an actual beige box may still be needed for some businesses with multiple lines on one connection.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/27/02 11:30 PM

can u just connect a beige box 2 the phone line?
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/28/02 12:31 AM

whats the new stuff they use these days? where can u buy them, etc.
Posted By: bor

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/28/02 07:10 PM

new stuff?

Well, linesmen still use handsets with a pair of clips on them which connect to the telephone lines in the boxes. However if you're looking to snoop in on, or make calls from someone's TNI box (Which I hope you're not! gasp!) then all you need is a normal phone if the TNI box is reasonably new. There will be a little cover that unclips in the box which will uncover a regular telephone jack that you just connect your telephone to.

I think this is only on normal houses though. In places such as apartment buildings it could be different for all I know.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/28/02 07:31 PM

if u cant find the TNI box,can u strip the persons phone wire and connect the alligator clips 2 that?
<img border="0" alt="[Idea]" title="" src="graemlins/idea.gif" />
Posted By: Curse

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/29/02 07:24 PM

Yes, but you must connect to the red and green wires of the phone to the red and green of the line...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/29/02 07:39 PM

Originally posted by $500,000 Bentley:
can u just connect a beige box 2 the phone line?
I pefer my buttsets (Linemans sets) I have 3, average price per is $500, We bought the most expencive one they had. And to think, I'm even willing to sell one of them for $250 lol...
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/29/02 09:50 PM

naa giz,if i had dat kind of cash i would pay my phone bill!!!
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/29/02 10:20 PM

maybe one day when i get a real job ill buy equipment like that... it sounds fun to mess with.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 06/30/02 10:21 AM

oh hell yes hehe... If I get my server up soon i'll scan photos.
Posted By: Curse

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 07/01/02 02:41 AM

My lineman's handset came from a yard sale, $10, but I jew'ed them down to $5, lol
Posted By: bor

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 07/01/02 07:53 AM

A couple people I know, have looted more than a few GTE/Verizon/Bell trucks. They've got tons of manuals, helmuts, raincoats, unbrellas, and of course...Linesman handsets.

They even got a gas card once wink
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: alil thing i found.... *spy* - 07/01/02 08:58 AM

Thats the way to do it smile ... We have a few phone trucks around my house, we were goinna "visit" on the UGN Gathering, but not too many people have signed up so we may cancel.
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