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Posted By: busfault

telemarketer - 12/21/04 03:41 AM

I hope this thread is in the right spot. I have recently been being called from some stupid telemarketing co. "{Inter}National Registrations Services" I tried to get someone to talk to get them to stop harassing us, I got the run-around and ended up being, eventually, transferred to a dead line. The last time they called I *66'd them and got a number. I called on the voice and got modem tones, so I connected my modem and tried calling the number. I got connected but didn't authenticate. Now I can't get the number to connect. How would I go about finding out what other lines are with this company? Also, does anyone know of some good connection software for Mac? I want to see all the connection text, not just some GUI crap. Also, can I get in trouble for just calling back their number?
Posted By: Girlie

Re: telemarketer - 12/21/04 05:56 AM

ummm, don't know about the other crap but I know if you say this they will not call you anymore. (coming from a telemarketer heh) "Put me on your do not call list, and do not call here again or I will call the FCC." and if they call you the FCC and you will be added to the next class action lawsuit they do against the company. wink In the meantime...go add your number to the national do not call list at laugh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: telemarketer - 12/21/04 10:11 AM

I love bill collectors and stating "He doesn't live here anymore" hehe...

Umm they can't get you for calling back the number as you're just trying to be removed from their list.

You may want to try a reverse search on the number at like and see if there is any info on the line; a lot of the time you'll find company or individual names then be able to check for any additional numbers.
Posted By: busfault

Re: telemarketer - 12/21/04 01:08 PM

Yeah, I've added myself to the DNC reg. a month ago, but the dumb-asses at the phone company say that "They have a three month period to comply." And they wont do diddly. So I filed a complaint with the FTC. btw, handy number to know 1 8 0 0 F T C H E L P. They seemed helpful but the guy I first talked to there seemed like Agent Smith in how he talked. I've tried finding out more nfo from the number. I've tracked the area-code to the Miami FLA area, I'm not sure on the prefix though, but that could be anywhere if they just use that number as a call-out. I think that the gov't, as much as I'd hate to say add new taxes, but should tax mass-telemarketers for their time on the phone systems. I swear, when we moved, we changed numbers and went unlisted. lotta friggen good that did. I only forgot the DNC reg.
Posted By: Girlie

Re: telemarketer - 01/01/05 12:27 AM

Part of your problem may also be the ifs ands and buts. For instance, if you have done business with the company or a partner in the last year they can call you. This is reeeeally vague. As an example, I work for MCI who owns the 10-10 numbers (10-10-220, 10-10-987) so we can call anyone who has used those numbers in the last year, even if they are on the the national DNC list. We are partners with American Airlines, so we can call anyone who has done business with them in the past year. Also, most contest you sign up for say in the fine print that you will be added to a call list...yep can call you then too. Check to find out if your local phone company sells out your number as well, many do...and it's completely legal because you agree to it in the fine print when you sign up for phone service. wink

Another reason it's important to add yourself to the NATIONAL DNC list (as opposed to just the state) is only people calling from that state have to comply with that list...most people don't know that. For example, if you live in Kentucky and are on the Kentucky DNC (not even sure if Kentucky has one, but this is just an example) and I live in Pennsylvania...I can call you, because I'm calling from PA and don't have to comply with Kentucky's do not call registry.

While you're waiting for the 3 months to pass before they update the registry, when you do get a telemarketing call you should ask to talk to a supervisior, tell them you want on their do not call list especially if you're less then plesant...because if you're a dick to me I'm gonna schedule a callback at 6pm (when more people are eating dinner wink ) (If you ask for a sup, your name will definately be put on the list, heh) Be aware, that's not going to stop the company from calling you right away either, as it takes up to 10 business days for your number to be completely removed from the OS.

Good luck tracing the call, sorry I couldn't be of more help when it comes to that. heh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: telemarketer - 01/01/05 01:31 AM

which centre? Sounds like Gartner wink
Posted By: Girlie

Re: telemarketer - 01/01/05 02:23 AM

MCI calling center. :p
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