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phucked 4 phreaking

Posted By: T34R

phucked 4 phreaking - 08/19/03 06:30 AM

How phucked can you get for phreaking?
Posted By: unreal

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 08/19/03 02:15 PM

Rephrase your question. What do you mean by "phucked" exactly? And what type of phreaking?
Posted By: brianwarner983

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 08/19/03 02:52 PM

he means how much trouble can u get in for say..... opening a tni and using a beige box to call some guy in australia and telling his answereing machine that him and his friends will kill him
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 08/19/03 05:50 PM

none... so long as you aren't caught lol
Posted By: Crime

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 08/20/03 06:15 AM

theft of service, trespassing...
Posted By: spaceman

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 05/13/04 07:05 PM

prosecution for being frendz with australians....
Posted By: sprinter

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 08/22/04 11:12 AM

Also be careful if you kill the line in the house they may try to get you for cutting off 911 access. I think my box outside says something to this effect. There is no real good reason to be caught doing this so use your head!!
Posted By: Fire

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 10/05/04 09:40 AM

A good rule of thumb i try to use when beige boxing is never use the same houses line more than 5 days in a row. This is a good rule to fallow if you live very near the victims house.

There are only two ways i can think that you could get caught beige boxing is if the phone company decided to do a stakeout of the victims house...very unlikely but still possible. The other way is, the owner of the house does his own stakeout. I guess if you had a criminal record, the phone company could dust the phone box for fingerprints, then run a search through police databases, but again, i don't think they would go through that much trouble just to catch a 14 year old kid.

Happy Phreaking!
Posted By: weeve

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 10/21/04 07:07 AM

How phucked phucked as the phucking phreaking your phucking around with.

Phreaking degrees of separation.

a rule of thumb for most, would be go with your jedi senses, the more phear you pheer, the more pheering, you should be frightful of. in phreaking essence, if it feels good, go with it, everything has a price in life, and if your ready to pay up, if you do not fear. if your fear is void in ethical robin hood right. then the question shouldn't be how phucked can you get for phreaking. but how phucked do you choose to risk for phreaking?

I nor ugn endorse, nor respectably approve of anything I say here in. dun like it, go to kiddies.
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 12/13/04 04:19 AM

Someone lock this
Posted By: §intå×

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 12/13/04 04:21 AM

Nah, I just deleted the crap out.
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 12/13/04 04:26 AM

That's Better
Posted By: Ravurgurl Ziggy

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 03/15/06 03:26 PM

I'm just starting to dabble in phreaking, I find it interesting as heck. Doing my reading on it ect, sounds like phun to me! I'm new here as well, not here to bug anyone but to gain info and comment or help anyone if I can along the way.
Very interested in the basic beige box, or tic I believe it's called technically.

Great place btw! :rolleyes:
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 03/16/06 02:02 AM

I rather prefer my Lineman's Testset vs a Beige Box wink ...

Simple to do though, just snag a couple alligator clips, some cabling, and an old phone, then snag some solder and a soldering iron and build yourself something fun!

Plenty of ways to make, and improve upon it, depends on how much time/money you want to put into it lol
Posted By: Defcon

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 03/16/06 05:07 AM

Yeah, you can find Testsets on ebay for not a lot of money. Generally a real "Butt Set" can take a nice beating and keep coming back for more.

Beige boxes are pretty much the only Boxes that actually do work these days, and probably will until we decide to tear up all the analog wire pairs. Be really careful with what you read, as a lot of it is totally wrong at this stage of the game. VOIP is an exciting field as well as cell phones and digital switching.

Just don't try blowing some tone in your nearest pay fone.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phucked 4 phreaking - 03/16/06 07:17 AM

I have 2-3 buttsets laying around here (Telcordia, yey!), alsohave several tone dialers and other [censored]... I have a ton of redbox crystals in a box somewhere lol
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