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LG VX2000

Posted By: hKzKnight

LG VX2000 - 04/19/03 10:09 PM

So I switched from shitty AT&T with a Nokie 3361 to Verizon, getting the LG BX2000 cell phone. I'm pleased, just got it. Curious anyone know codes, tricks, and especially a place I can get bloody ringtones for it... A lot of places don't support Verizon or my phone, I don't know.. If you know let me know.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: LG VX2000 - 04/20/03 01:29 AM

I actually prefer AT&T and nokia phones, especially in this area, there is no way in hell you'd ever catch me on a verizon service plan; or with anything other than a nokia for that matter.

Not too many people want to even deal with that model/type of phone for note. There aren't that many sites that do "Free" ringtone's, or does some but their site is the buggiest sob i've ever seen...

The reason they don't support them, is because, honestly, both suck.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: LG VX2000 - 04/20/03 03:40 AM

I hate AT&T, it sucks around here, verizon is the best in these abouts. In terms of messing around with the phone, very tru Giz. I loved my nok I wish I could keep it but eh. The only problem I ran into w/ Nokia is they're in a dif world, lots of accessories aren't compatible w/it. LOL sry giz my parents made the choice. Anyone have an interest in buying the phone off me or ideas of what to do with it?
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