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Posted By: gaieb

sms - 12/31/03 05:32 AM

can i receive an email anytime i receive a sms message on my cell? can i send a sms message with my email? if yes, how???

thanks in advance..
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: sms - 12/31/03 06:09 AM

With your email i barely think so, If you ain't got some special email....
but through internet you definetly can=)
Posted By: Ice

Re: sms - 12/31/03 07:26 AM

i know some dude, when he gets a e-mail, it notify's him on the cell and tells him who sent the message.

Dont really know how he did it, i know he uses linux thou...
Posted By: unreal

Re: sms - 12/31/03 08:11 AM

My phone is like that. Depends on the cellular service, not the computer. If you send an email to my cell, it's in the form of [cell number]
Posted By: Sintaxx

Re: sms - 01/01/04 05:51 PM

My phone throught T-Mobile allows me to recieve a notification whenever i get an e-mail. It's pretty wortless though and costs 2.99 because you have to pay for all internet services. the 2.99 includes everything and i believe it's monthly. The only bad thing is that if you get a lot of email like me, you end up taking up all the memory on the phone, it gets extremely annoying too......
Posted By: btogc

Re: sms - 03/05/04 05:46 AM

Its a neat lil app called "Red Oxygen"

Think it only runs with the major mail clients but it has many full features.
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