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Boxes for Beginners

Posted By: Donnie Darko

Boxes for Beginners - 08/20/03 01:19 AM

Okay, I'm pretty new to phreaking and electronics in general. I've built a basic beige box and i'm looking for a bigger challenge. Besides the red box, what are the other boxes that are made for novices?

I found my telephone box on my house and i plugged my beige box in and it worked fine. Are there boxes like these on EVERYONE'S house?
Posted By: hobbes01721

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 10/20/03 04:49 AM

I've been told that there are, but I haven't seen them. As for another box, I would think that the Black box would be pretty simple, and it gives the people who call you free long distance for a half hour until the phone companies catch on. For plans, just google search "Black Box Plans" and you should get something under "Anarchist's Cookbook" or someplace like that.
Posted By: SkillXXX

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 10/20/03 01:19 PM

id like to know how to bulid a beige box, anywhere i can find instructions?
Posted By: decoder

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 10/20/03 02:10 PM

How to build a beige box
by decoder

method 1: buy one from harris, ebay, home depot, etc.

method 2: steal one from a telco truck, your friend or from home depot

method 3: take a phone, (preferrably a small one with the keypad in handset) cut off the jack on the end of the wire, strip the red and the green wires inside, affix alligator clips to each one, test it by clipping onto your neighbors line by dialing 1-900-FAT-[censored].

note: method 3 describes how to build your basic, no frills beige box. Many other features can be added such as a custom mute button, an in-use light, a sticker that says "31337 h4x0r" or anyhting else that would be useful.
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 10/23/03 07:53 AM

check the old kbase. they have all that stuff
Posted By: paradox

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 10/23/03 11:43 AM

blackbox is simple you just buy resistor to stop the voltage droping when you pick up :p if it doesnt drop then they can't tell that you picked up..
just get creative if you really like electronics just buy sum magazines and make it a hobby then u can come up with your own ideas
Posted By: staltax

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/05/03 01:49 AM

You'll probably find something at Btw what's kbase?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/05/03 04:25 AM

KBase: Knowledge Base, look on UGN's main page, there should be a link to it... It has plan's for boxes right now, we're going to expand the list quite soon with about 300 boxes...
Posted By: majik

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/06/03 05:18 AM

how easy r they to bulid
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/06/03 05:41 AM

It honestly depends on the box, but generally not too difficult, easiest way to make a beigebox is just to attach alligator clips to a telephone wire :x...
Posted By: zenon

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/08/03 12:52 PM

Hey this is illegal!!
Posted By: paradox

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/08/03 07:39 PM

no it isnt.. illegal would be telling people howto get free calls we simply tell them where to get information the actual information isnt on the board so think before you post..
and the best way to get into making boxes is get an electronic starter kit and just build some of that [censored].. then build wireless mics etc.. u can get them really small once you get good wink it's all about learning so just start small and build up you dont always need to build boxes.. me and my friend built a tone decoder to steal ppls pins to their alarms smile there is no limit to what ya can do
Posted By: cobra

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/13/03 06:19 AM

Hey guys... I need to phreak a cell phone....
Really need your help.....
Posted By: SmackTalker

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/26/03 01:06 AM

Hey BlackKnight most alarms now dont run off the phone lines any more, un less the people didnt change there alarm
Posted By: weeve

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/26/03 11:59 AM

*most alarms now dont run off the phone lines any more, un less the people didnt change there alarm*

SmackTalker I have no idea where you got that "idea" from. Lmao A Majority of the alarms today still dialout to their alarm company over their main landline. "change there alarm"? The only alarms I know of like you speak of are older alarms that don't dialout. I believe what BlackKnight is speaking of, is communicating to a alarm system over a landline. It's listening kthx, and sending. Just like CiD, and Lucky225 showed a nice example of that for a few years.

I back this up with my knowledge, the knowledge of my alarm system company, googling current alarm technology, and the stupor I'm in from reading that post. I will try my best though, guessing canada has satellite for their alarm systems? Expensive I'm guessing, or maybe ppl are to guess that a cell phone, or wifi? Heh source, and more info is nice.

But I don't need source for this, it's obvious. Unless Canada has some new breakthrough alarm system that goes off, and finds a cell phone to call the company to transmit a...bla bla bla...*waits*
Posted By: SmackTalker

Re: Boxes for Beginners - 11/26/03 02:08 PM

Well my neighbor down the road owns his own branch of ADT alarms and he was talking to me about the older alarms and how easy it is to disable them (just by cutting the phone line). He was also telling me something about the new alarms and how they cant disable them that easy...i really cant remember now. So i must of figured they used a diif way than landline.

Sorry for the confusion
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