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beating payphones

Posted By: rane

beating payphones - 03/13/02 01:17 PM

Just a quick tip, if you have a voicestream cell phone you can use their voicemail to call all over the country. Just hit 9 from the voicemail prompt and it'll let you dial anywhere, and yes, this works at a payphone, meaning you can call anywhere for one flat rate. In my area a local call is 50 cents for an unlimited amount of time, so I'm able to call California...New York...Florida, all for the same 50 cents.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: beating payphones - 03/13/02 11:15 PM

Good stuff! I love to try all sorts of stuff on the pay phones in the mall as everyone leaves and it starts closing. If you can spit random numbers and keeping punching them you can do fun stuff, confusing the phone. Just try to avoid going ummm and hanging up when you actully get somone. (shhh was my first time w/out a suggested number to call).
Posted By: Cyrez

Re: beating payphones - 04/14/02 12:28 AM

better then even having to pay $.50 @ at&t payphone i believe dial 1010288-0 and youll get "Thank you for using at&t please dial the # you wish to conenct to" or somthin like that and you can call anywhere.. The last time i did this was like 3 months ago so it might still or still wont work.. Well this is just so u dont half to pay $.50
Posted By: rbcp

Re: beating payphones - 05/20/02 05:32 PM

This is really interesting, that would make a perfect divertor if you were to get a Voicestream user's password. Which is actually a simple thing to do. What shows up on someone's caller ID when you call them like this? Does it show up as the cell phone user's name and number? Geez, what a perfect way to frame somebody.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: beating payphones - 05/20/02 09:32 PM

lol amen roy, amen...
Posted By: bor

Re: beating payphones - 06/15/02 08:43 AM

Hmm. I would think that since your dialing out straight from a voicemail system, maybe the only thing that would show up is "Out of area" You're not actually calling from that cell # so that probably wouldn't call up, and it's probably a single line that every number calls out from for the voicemail. So it'll either be that number or "out of area"
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