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Posted By: LoBo

cell phones - 04/16/02 06:12 PM

i recently found a cell phone a nokia (i dont know what modle it is but its not old) and i got it and it was still hooked up so i did my long distance calls and this and that for that night but then it got disconnected the next day. And then i was told that there is a way to reconnect it by using someone elses account or use of some code so i can reconnect the phone and use it. Is this true dose this sound familiar to any of you? if so can you direct me to the way to find out how to do this. Thanks for your time
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: cell phones - 04/16/02 08:45 PM

Pop the battery off, it should read your model. In order to "clone" a cellphone you HAVE to have the model number so you can find the exact instructions, unless theive used instructions for every nokia etc... You can find this "clone" info on google by searching "Nokia [model]" and it should pop our your admin access codes for your model of phone, then you just reprogram it and ****... I'm goinna leave you there since i don't feel like holding your hand through this activity...
Posted By: TONEY BANK$

Re: cell phones - 10/09/03 06:37 PM

Posted By: Peter D

Re: cell phones - 10/13/03 01:06 AM

Actually, I don't beleive any make/model of cellular phone can be cloned directly from the handset except for Okis that have mod chips.
True, you could change the phone number to whatever you want, for Nokias the codes are *#639# to reprogram the MIN, but you cannot change the ESN without an eeprom burner. The MIN/ESN pair needs to match in order for a phone to work as a clone.
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