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Modded Beige Box.

Posted By: Fire

Modded Beige Box. - 10/04/04 08:57 AM

This is my new modded beige box. Tell me how you like it, what you think i can do to make it better, or how bad it is. I dont care!
Posted By: Fire

Re: Modded Beige Box. - 10/04/04 08:58 AM

Sorry about the double post.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Modded Beige Box. - 10/04/04 09:27 AM

umm, have a link or photo? lol... I dont see either in your post...
Posted By: Fire

Re: Modded Beige Box. - 10/04/04 11:59 AM

oops, knew i forgot something
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Modded Beige Box. - 10/04/04 12:22 PM

Not bad; good to see people actually making some good addons to the old fashioned beige...

One thing that would be good is possibly having a switch for the ringer; so one could "hear" the calls come in... or better yet, putting 2 activity LED's... 1 for if the line is in use and 1 for if there is a call coming in (ringer)
Posted By: Fire

Re: Modded Beige Box. - 10/05/04 04:36 AM

I had thought about doing that, but after inspecting the telephone boxes around me, i found out that it doesnt have tip and ring terminals. Instead, it has a little box. When you seperate the two halves (the top part swings off) the houses phones are cut off, and there is a regular jack rite there. Because of this, i decided that i wouldnt be able to listen to two people talk anyway, so i just took the ringer out. An odd thing though, after using a pair of needlenose pliers to undo a bolt that held another box labled "Phone company use only" inside the first box there was what looked like, you guessed it, what looked like ring and tip terminals. But these terminals are off, they are set inside molded plastic, with little rivits, making them look like screws that could be taken out with a flathead screwdriver. They dont budge. I ended up taking the aligator clips off the modular jack, and soldering/electrical tapieng a piece of stiff brass wire, to then end of the wires. After this, i poked, prodded, and attached the terminals with those two whires in every way i could, but it still would not work. I am going to post pictures of this on that website soon..maby tonight.
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