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Phreakers I need your help!

Posted By: Defcon

Phreakers I need your help! - 03/27/04 12:17 PM

No I'm not asking about how to build an extinct box.

No I'm not asking about how to unlock my crappy stolen trac phone.

Here is what I need, I need DTMF, Blue Box, Ring, Busy, and that warning tone when you forget to hang up. In my Pro-Tools class I need to make a 3 Minute song using imported audio files. So I am going to make a song basically of a Blue Box call to Boston with all sorts of other tones and drums filling in the rest. If you can give me links pages or FTP I would most appreciate it, I only ask that the samples be in .wav format, thanks.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Phreakers I need your help! - 04/02/04 10:35 AM

On this topic...kinda...I pheer wikipedia, for me not ever noticing how elite their archive has been becoming.

Yea, click on dtmf heh, [censored] crossbar, and ss7 info, it just keeps going. I do wonder if they have op diverting info...I'd straight pwn pheer that [censored].


On to the topic of discussion though.

I would say it has BlueBeep, look for that, and the rare chance that you can find a Bluebox/Redbox Program That was made for UPS(United Phreaks Syndicate), back when was up. is down, so I don't say that, they look down, odd. The domain is still good until like 2008 or some [censored].

But yea, look into something like googling download bluebeep. I did a little effort into that, a few dead links, and disordered search finds later I gave up. Because I'm getting really edgy, I need a beer, or 10. That will be fixed soon.

Anyway, Blue Beep should have the wav files or a way for your to output the tones you ned. As for DTMF, a rj-11 to 1/8 inch connector from radio shack can have you recording all these tones, and converting them from wav to mp3 real fast. Or if your still up for ftp's filled with wavs, and googling I'd guess it's harder then just finding said sites. There used to be alot. Now wave files are outdated sorta of, just being used imo for augmentation, and new use of wave forms. To increase quality, and decrease size.

Ring, and busy can be recorded from said radio shack device, along with the dtmf tones, and bluebox as said look for blue beep. Hope this helps. It's better to do it yourself these days, then try to find the proverbial needles in unsorted hay kernel stacks:)

Deffy you can easily record these yourself, and need not depend on others with said device. Have fun, guessing I'm not wasting your time.
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Phreakers I need your help! - 04/04/04 08:27 AM

Thanks but I already got the files I needed. I found which also had a lot of cool info and what not.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Phreakers I need your help! - 04/13/04 05:14 PM

no thanks needed deffy I do little, others do little, some do alot. the word progresses, best wishes in experimentation bro. btw i notice you reached 187 posts, and I reached 420. How ironic don't you think? laugh 187 on a motha [censored]...blunt =]
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