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Tracfone back to life

Posted By: Kr0n

Tracfone back to life - 05/30/06 09:14 AM

Cheating tracfone is not about the codes that are typed in but about the SIM CARD! 6pages last time and no one did any research 30 mins. online and I found schematics, 6 pin sim cards, readers/writers etc. Don't give up, on the sim card the #3pin is the CLK pin or Clock pin. figure something out with it:) edit the card. But I need help, if someone can give me schematics to build a reader/writer for the 6pin sim card I will build it.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Tracfone back to life - 05/30/06 02:57 PM

If read those 6 pages then you know we dont condone or aid in the cracking of any cellphone. If you want mins on the phone then buy them. It's that easy.

Prepaid cellphones arent that expensive, now go to walmart and just buy a tracfone card...
Posted By: Kr0n

Re: Tracfone back to life - 05/31/06 08:15 AM

I am just saying that if people want to learn they have to think outside the box. Not everything is about key gens and hammering something til it works. I have found a way last night how to actually stop the clock and get SMS. Will I use it maybe but that is for me to decide as well for anyone else. Information is free what you do with it is your own responsibility. What else can underground news be about if everyone knew? Just a penny for your thought:)
Posted By: Kr0n

Re: Tracfone back to life - 05/31/06 08:18 AM

I just noticed why you posted the last message you did. Your current occupation is telecommunications(so it is written). However we were born in the same year if that matters.
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Tracfone back to life - 05/31/06 06:53 PM

Alright, since this is my "Day of Celebration", I'll kindly explain the situation.

First of all, the first thread was closed because it was bordering on illegal. Infact the first post was pretty much how to illegally cheat a cell phone company.

Now we have no problem with exploring the phone system and learning how this technology works. It's all in the phrasing. Asking how billing works or how the phones keep track of minutes is pretty much cool. Asking how to add minutes or cheat billing however is very bad.

Think of it like this, how you say it will affect whether or now we get a Cease and Desist order or a few years in a Federal PMITA Prison.

So... you want to take the time to reword your post wink

Also if we close a thread, we have a reason to do so. Please respect that and not try to revive threads. Thank you
Posted By: Kr0n

Re: Tracfone back to life - 06/01/06 08:36 AM

Well with that said tracfones relie on it's SIM card to keep track of the mins. The cell sites that it uses from existing cell companies has nothing in common with what is kept on the SIM itself.

In all reality the SIM Card is like the HDD of a computer, it stores your address book, games, any apps you might have, etc. All the phone does is acts like the CPU to process the data supplied by the SIM. Hopefully this is a better post because I feel that my freedom of speech has been taken from me and I have to Bleep out my thoughts.

So with that said the majority of phones run this way and the other percentage that don't relie on SIMs must have it stored on a chip like an EPROM type setup.

(that takes the fun and learning experience out of talking about other things more in depth because what I said is basically how the cell works and we can't cover anything else.)

So I Believe if no one else has any other insight on how it works than I guess you can consider this an open and shut thread.
Posted By: Curse

Re: Tracfone back to life - 06/01/06 09:55 PM

Welp buddy, you are living in the day and age of terrorism. So don't blame us for the absence of your constitutionally granted rights...
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