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Whatever happened to nynex...

Posted By: weeve

Whatever happened to nynex... - 01/14/04 02:38 PM

signs, and parts. Logos. They didn't throw them all out. I once saw a family member's nynex phone card, but that's a complicated, and personal story. I wonder what happens with [censored] like that. Think about how Verizon is taking over Bell, imo they are at least lol. If you watch. Say Qwest, and Verizon does. What will become of bell labs things? such as bell labs unix? bell equipment? what of the parts ppl still have....probably they'll be phased out..I jus bet.
Posted By: paradox

Re: Whatever happened to nynex... - 01/14/04 06:22 PM

wonder if they will go up for auction would be cool to own some of the gadgets without having to steal them from the companies lol
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Whatever happened to nynex... - 01/15/04 08:24 AM

Weeve, where I live a lot of the Verizon Trucks still carry latters and equipment that have Nynex and Bell Atlantic painted or written on them. I think all they changed were signs and logos, in certain parts of the city you can find old Nynex and Bell Manhole covers that have been there for ages, as well as the old payphone signs, I guess it's because no one really cares cause they know it's the same company.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Whatever happened to nynex... - 01/15/04 08:29 AM

BK yea it would. Well that's a half-truth Defcon, A part of each department has to change things, and a company doesn't do things the way another one does. In short the company itself, what it does, and how it does denotes what is kept, and not.

Keeping a old payphone bank, and hooking up newness on it is done that I see. But the equipment thing heh...lets just say I've seen quite alot of bell/verizon, friends, family. Bla, it's quite varied. But yea defcon they do reuse stuff. I'm just talking about the stuff that was there, and is not. I for sure hella know that their used to be alot more T-keys, pulse/dtmf decoders, and rotary handsets. [censored] 3-4 harris test sets in a van, then many vans, shows they do something with the [censored].;/
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