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could they be listening?

Posted By: Deviation187

could they be listening? - 07/01/02 05:52 PM

So I find myself talking on the phone once in a while when the phone starts getting a lot of static, followed by a ring tone and dialing, and a ring...

at this point the person i am talking to cannot hear me but we can hear a conversation on the phone, sometimes clear, and sometimes not,though they cannot hear us at this point, but we can hear other peoples conversations, i can end it all by a press of the chanell button but its fun listening in sometimes, but i wonder, is this JUST because of the channel, and can THEY be listening too sometimes, im guessing they can,

this post is mainly to share a story, and to get some info on why this happens. but yeah i guess its the channel but it happens often, sometimes it gets annoying
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: could they be listening? - 07/01/02 06:00 PM

i dont think there would b any real reason to spy on you... not that you couldnt do something bad or threaten someones life.... but, might just b a shitty phone wink . However... if u have an old cordless phone.... you can pick the frequencies up on police scanners and listen to convos... i used to do it back in the day until 900mhz phones became popular... i guess my scanner cant handle that high of a frequency.
Posted By: Curse

Re: could they be listening? - 07/10/02 04:51 AM

Deviation, you must have an old cordless phone and live in a highly populated area, and yes, if you can hear people sometimes, then people can hear you, the people you are hearing may not be able to hear you, but someone else may be able to... So buy one of those 1 Ghz phones or whatever, they cannot be listened in on...
Oh yeah, once when I was a little kid I was playing with my walkie-talkies that ran on 49 MGHz. Well, I was able to pick up my friend's mother's conversation she was having on her cordless phone in here house 20 feet away, but she could not hear me...
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: could they be listening? - 07/10/02 07:02 AM

OH yeah i used to do that with walkie talkies.. I still have them but if they werent so abused and messed up id still use them, just for fun once in a while laugh
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