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~cell phone tracking prog~

Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

~cell phone tracking prog~ - 06/05/02 10:53 PM

ok question.. I know that there is such a thing as a cell phone tracing program, but is there one that you can download? I have looked all over the net and have had no luck, so i was just woundering if anyone else has done research on this and maybe found a site are something... I know there are those dumb private I sites but they cost to much.. I just wont a program I can use on my laptop that simple to use.. so yeah if you know anything please inform me..

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Posted By: Curse

Re: ~cell phone tracking prog~ - 06/06/02 01:07 AM

For once there is a post that deffinatly should be in the Phreaking Forum, and Crime doesn't touch it... lol... And I don't know if that prog is available...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~cell phone tracking prog~ - 06/06/02 01:13 AM

umm you talking cell phone triangulation? or reversing phone numbers?

Triangulation you'd have to have control of two cell phone towers... But basically the person would be in the center of two towers in most instances, it would be pulling a signal from two or more towers, and it would be where they cross.

For reversals you can find MANY sites that can do this for you, or if you're like me you have a toll free number you can call up and type in a phone number and it'll say the address associated.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: ~cell phone tracking prog~ - 06/12/02 08:15 AM

Whoa! You saved yourself, I was almost to the point where i was going to ignore OR delete(if in one of my forums) any topic from the one and only tall guy. But wow! a good topic!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~cell phone tracking prog~ - 06/12/02 09:12 AM

yeh he has his moments, but hey let everyone flame him for a few days then close them, don't delete them till you get my permission.
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