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SS7 and AIN

Posted By: §intå×

SS7 and AIN - 02/10/06 11:24 PM

So My office in DC was closed. I am now moved to Virginia and working in the SS7 NOC. This is some cool stuff. I may share some info as i get it.

What you guys know as AIN is just a part of SS7.

SS7 was implemented before the OSI model so it doesn't fit to well in it. But it is some really cool stuff. Some of the things it does.

Track roaming in wireless networks, Interface to VOIP networks. Make local number protability possible lnps, and wireless number portability possible.

It is also what makes Caller ID, *69, call block and all that work. It is how they killed blue boxes. Any one intrested in notes?
Posted By: LeviMrJeans

Re: SS7 and AIN - 03/01/06 04:47 AM

I'm interested as a manipulator of sound. What can sound do besides make crazy wicked sounds? or do you want me to go to google.
Posted By: LeviMrJeans

Re: SS7 and AIN - 03/01/06 04:49 AM

argh that came off wrong. forget it!!! ahhh i'm no good ahhh i'll just live in my audio world and never touch a computer again. argh. no no i'll just never ask an "advanced expert master" a silly beginner question. CMON MAN it's just the que is there and I'm like what's up? sheesh
Posted By: LeviMrJeans

Re: SS7 and AIN - 03/01/06 04:52 AM

i'm sorry i posted in the first place.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: SS7 and AIN - 03/05/06 07:33 AM

Sound on a telco network is useless due in large part to SS7. SS7 killed Blue boxes as it places the management of the line in a seperate channel from the conversation taking place.

See it is no longer pops and whistels that make the phone network work, it is now all pacetised. Even most 3rd world nations have moved into SS7. It is an international thing.

So what can you do? Well is one were to have into our databases that could be power.

I do know the local number portability data base is stores in the STP(the actual SS7 switch) for most major RBOC's(baby bells). One could definately wreak havoc in there.

AIN(Advanced Inteligent Network)caller ID, call ring back, caller voice, those features are mostly on IPe's now. It is a type of server. IP has nothing to do with internet protocol.

I sugest study SS7 if you thing tones still work in the Rboc's network. Bout the only useful box I know of now is the orange box that can spoof caller ID.
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