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Cell Phone Credit

Posted By: Dreadlord

Cell Phone Credit - 03/05/03 11:55 AM

In this forsaken land of mine we have prepaid. I got this tiny lil card with a code that i enter to mechanical operator and get the credit. Now i wonder is there any proggram that could find any coincidence btw these 2 codes i have. I managed to buy 2 cards in a row. So i have card # 666 and # 666. So could I (by using that proggram) find how they make next credit number and predict some number in future smile aka get a free credit smile Credit numbers r :

Posted By: oboyjejely

Re: Cell Phone Credit - 10/03/03 06:47 PM

I will be like to know how this program works. How can some on dail into a Network runing on Linux and NT. How to generate Phone recharge cards. Here are some numbers and there serial numbers: Number:666
Serial #: 666
Serial #: 666

How can I Generate this number and get a valid card to refill my phone.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Cell Phone Credit - 10/03/03 10:15 PM

First off, its illegal and against rules.
Secondly, don't post such specific information
Third, even if it did apply, you are in the wrong forum for this topic.
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