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Wanna B my own ITSP

Posted By: thrival

Wanna B my own ITSP - 04/06/02 05:22 PM

I'm looking for a pc-to PHONE internet telephony program (phree appz) Win98SE compatible, that lets a person make int'l calls for free. Nothing so grandiose to carry more than one trunk-- just conferencing capabilities.

I understand there were programs to do this but stopped being made (Ring Central.) The previously free (dialpad, hottelephone, etc.) ITSP's obviously have software on their servers they use to connect (and bill) customers. (DialMaster works with VocalTec version 4.)

Technically, ip datastream communication isn't illegal, (unlike foning) if you own the software. has all the protocols but alas my poor brain is too small.) Comments to my email, please; I don't check this board.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Wanna B my own ITSP - 04/06/02 07:34 PM

so nice, he wants a reply but doesn't check my board...
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