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pcs phone question..

Posted By: fugazzm

pcs phone question.. - 06/30/03 02:51 AM

ok..can any one help me phreak my cell phone so i can have more minutes..?? because Sprint is charging me a lot for nothing! (this sucks)anyone please help! smile

HaCk ThE PlAnETTT! laugh
Posted By: Crime

Re: pcs phone question.. - 06/30/03 03:11 AM

it would help if you said what kinda fone you had........
Posted By: unreal

Re: pcs phone question.. - 06/30/03 03:11 AM

Whoa... Is it 1995?

Moved to phreaking.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: pcs phone question.. - 06/30/03 07:43 AM

man people these days... example: question about phreaking in general.. HELLO! phreaking.. maybe under the phreaking section... yes, i wonder if that even crossed the guys mind. they just come and ask, and they dont care, specially questions like that, its funny... cuz i saw the question and im like, uh oh, im guessing this is his first post, and yep. thats how it was.
Posted By: fugazzm

Re: pcs phone question.. - 07/10/03 02:50 AM

lol yeah it's true...i thought i did put my post in phreaking, but i guess i didn't LOL.
well...anyway, my phone is a Sanyo SCP-4900. now i know you can also hack the phones.
Posted By: Mr. Kint

Re: pcs phone question.. - 01/19/04 01:21 PM

how exactly can you dial out and be invisible ip and user-wise?
Posted By: weeve

Re: pcs phone question.. - 01/21/04 07:57 PM

holy [censored] batman...did my iq just raise 100 points(raises eyebrow) or are these kids really typing what my eyes fear? since when was it the policy of a ninja to not know the rage of a hacker or flow of a phreak this tempts my anger with the lost understanding of the difference....since when...since we guys really stopped reading the manuals for real i guess? mean to say your skills didn't come with an instruction book? what, you don't have any? it is now p.i.c.(opposite of p.c.....politically correct, not personal computer) to use defining terms in the wrong place. [censored] laziness hacking is not phreaking just as cracking is not hacking(YEA CNN!). [censored] is not hacking a phone.. maybe cracking code if you manually clone..but [censored] if you know hex and have more sims your fine.
your not phreaking a cellphone you are a phreak cloning. wtf btw..dialout? since when was a cell land based? for that matter wired? you signal a cell tower..but whatever..I'm sure tons of us use dialup over a cell so we can be to a ip..heh..that== internet.protocal..Internet..not cellular. they have a nam, and a id..some other things too. those can be spoof with a scanning/cloning process. even gms(in a different way). but user-wise.. just put a hood over your head it..might just make you feel invisible guy. *turn back up "how we do"* As to the sanyo scp-4900..sit back..I'll do what i can, and put in the efforts you couldn't even put into your first post. smirk that's what i do. I'll stop wishing ppl will stop being so lazy, and blunt in posting. with no regard no respect and little info. know thyself, then maybe you'll gain the respect from being closer to knowing others. I'll still spill my time into answering a poorly formed, lamely constructed question, no matter how much i hate lack of concern for others time, and disrespect in face. i still hold ethics. i am what i am. however don't count your 35c's that info is available for that model...end transmission.
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