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phone scanning

Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

phone scanning - 01/23/04 06:09 PM

have you ever seen the movie takedown and how they scan conversations with a cell, does anybody really know how to do that if someone does could you tell me how it all works i reckon it would be wicked to have skill like that
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Re: phone scanning - 01/23/04 10:28 PM

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Posted By: weeve

Re: phone scanning - 01/31/04 02:48 PM

lmao, it's called scanning on a cloned oki 900, with a master code to have it not be just cellphone info but voice. I's been a while since I even touched a oki, no less any other cell phone. I slowly slid out of phreaking hardware collections. heh, do to my own private reasons. But you should look into scanning with cellphones, and it's not really that elite of a skill takedown just capitalized on the reference "hackers 2" do to a cd that came out from the movie hackers. But trust me takedown is not hackers 2, nick cage from what I heard a while ago is suppose to take john's place. Angelina jolie was suppose to come back dunno about that though. Being that she took off career wise, and that nick, and her are cool I bet she still would. It got delayed for some reason, though I had heard of the cgi being written for it. I just lost my contact on the movie, so I can't get anymore info heh. I don't like to pry into that [censored], I just have friends. But in short takedown was just a short story about a old school phreak who got busted because he wasn't being oday paranoid enough, not quite paranoid, like pepsi 1 paranoid:)

I'd have to say though bro, for 26 posts you should be used to hearing look at or google groups, there is such a mass of info for cell cloning what eproms you need or gsm cards if using a gsm phone, how to use a reader/writer how to clone, access codes for access to ejeet cellphone menu areas all that.

As a present though I'll leave a cell code bit here for ya for nokia.

turn on *3001#12345#
access code *#639#
in one of the menus you'll get there is a emergency number section where you can set a number that even if the phone is not activated it will dial, and on some phones it will work. That if you don't use 911 it will dial it. that is when you normally dial it will call out to your tower, and send the phone call of the number you put in as an emergency call. Other then this I won't waste my time giving info on various cellphones you can clone, scan with, pirate free airtime with. Bla if you want your honey, got find a pot pooh;/
Posted By: n0mel

Re: phone scanning - 04/30/04 04:03 PM

back in the day when cell phones were analog, you could use a (modified) radio scanner from radioshack. smile hell, you can't even spy on cordless phones anymore. they're all going to DSS.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: phone scanning - 05/01/04 03:57 AM

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