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tracing calls on my cell

Posted By: dave

tracing calls on my cell - 05/01/06 03:21 AM

hey guys. i have been getting these massively annoying prank phone calls on my cell phone recently and i am getting pissed about it. i have tried dialing *69 and stuff, but from a cell phone that doesn't work. i have tried calling my cell phone company but the t-mobile company says that it shows up as "private number" in their computers whenever the person calls so that is of no help no me. i was wondering if anyone knew of any way that i could like trace the call or something. like hook up cell to my laptop of home PC and whenever a call comes in, a windown on my computer pops up and displays the callers information. thanks in advance for any suggestions offerd.
Posted By: diggin2deep

Re: tracing calls on my cell - 12/19/10 03:59 PM

I know there's a free way to do this with asterisk but the easiest way I've found is a service called Trapcall. It can't unmask all "blocked numbers" as there's various types but it does unmask most.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: tracing calls on my cell - 12/28/10 12:50 PM

diggin2deep, You have made 3 post here. Each was thoughtful and helpful. I tip my hat to you. Welcome to UGN.
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