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Number scan ?

Posted By: Cash^

Number scan ? - 05/20/04 02:17 AM

Hey guys, Im new here on this forum. I got a question, i dont know realy how to ask it so everyone can understand so ill try and explain.

Lets say, you want someone's phonenumber. Is there somehow u can "scan" it, or view it if ur standing close to the person? Like do somekinda scan via your own phone or something?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Number scan ? - 05/20/04 09:23 AM

Technically you can WarDial your entire area code (or theirs, which ever the case may be) but the phone company will get pissed at you (i believe it's in the TOS with most).

Your best bet is to just try to get all their info you can and do a websearch at
Posted By: Cash^

Re: Number scan ? - 05/23/04 07:25 PM

Thats not what i mean, but dont matter, i found out smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Number scan ? - 05/23/04 09:48 PM

you mean monitor via the airwaves? that's not scanning their phonenumber, but you can get the effect with an old police scanner and 900mhz phones through some modifications (various models)
Posted By: BackUnderground

Re: Number scan ? - 05/24/04 10:47 PM

ok where do i get details about the mods on the phone?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Number scan ? - 05/25/04 02:14 AM

you're not modding the phone; you're modding an old police scanner. The instructions are everywhere. Search Google for "900mhz scanner" you should be able to find some things, all depends on what you search for...
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