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~credit card freaking~

Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

~credit card freaking~ - 05/21/02 10:55 PM

This has nothing to do with Phreaking but has been edited to show as an example to those who post crap, by your local neighborhood moderator... now on with the flaming
Posted By: Crime

Re: ~credit card freaking~ - 05/21/02 10:57 PM

your [censored] stupid, lmfao
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~credit card freaking~ - 05/21/02 10:59 PM

lol you [censored] dipshit.

credit cards go through a central computer for the type, a generator MAIGHT be able to guess the number, but the CVV and Name and all other info would be wrong, therefore it woudlnt work.

CC Gen's are made for programs on your computer so tha tyou can "fake" them into thinkin you've bought it...

You my friend are a [censored] moron. stupid stupid stupid
Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

Re: ~credit card freaking~ - 05/21/02 11:17 PM

thanks for the suport guys..

<img border="0" alt="[[censored]]" title="" src="graemlins/[censored].gif" />
Posted By: TRON

Re: ~credit card freaking~ - 05/22/02 12:25 AM

Yea real good moderators you have here James, they sure do keep out the off topic posts.

Credit card fraud has nothing to do with freaking, so don't post on here about it you thieving little carding kiddie.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~credit card freaking~ - 05/22/02 12:45 AM

my god it posts <img border="0" alt="[!]" title="" src="graemlins/!.gif" />
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