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Posted By: logain

text messaging - 03/16/06 04:37 AM

What programs are they using to send multiple text messages to a users cell phone?

Someone suggested AIM Invader but you can't enter in a persons number on there so I don't know. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: velkrosmaak

Re: text messaging - 07/20/06 10:17 AM

If you want to use your own phone to send the messages to this person, then you can get various programs for your PC. Obviously, you need to be able to connect your mobile to your PC (via USB or Bluetooth, etc) and obviously it'll cost you.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: text messaging - 07/20/06 12:41 PM

  • Group messaging, need to create an account first (doesn't require personal information or confirmation). It is US Cellular but works for several other providers I have used it for in the past:
  • May also be of use:
  • And the reference to AIM Invader sounds like some lame kiddie tool like the AOL Chat Room stuff from back in the day if any remembers those Punters. Didn't know they still made crap like that.

    Most IM services do allow you to send SMSs to clients if available and allow them to setup receiving all text message to cell phone. I believe I have set up Yahoo and AIM to do this in the past.
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