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Anarchist Cookbook

Posted By: Sicosis

Anarchist Cookbook - 01/08/04 12:26 AM

I've been working on turning Jolly Roger and His Crew's Anarchist Cookbook into a readable HTML file with links that go directly to the topic that you want. When your done reading the topic, all you do is click the 'Back to Top' link at it takes you back up to the list.

[edited by Gizmo: We do not have an anarchy section, why the [censored] do we want anarchy url's on our board?]
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Anarchist Cookbook - 01/08/04 05:03 AM

Um excuse me.... This has nothing to do with this forum. We are no longer in the Anarchy Business and no one really cares about the fabled Anarchists Cookbook which is basically plagerized files that were pretty crappy anyways, that and mostly WRONG. This forum is about Phreaking... get your head out of your [censored]... stop reading old and out of date textfiles...
Posted By: MuNchKin16

Re: Anarchist Cookbook - 01/08/04 06:15 AM

i heard some pretty cool [censored] about the anarchists cookbook. my ex read it or some [censored], although i hear some of its not true, i also heard that you can learn some pretty crafty things in there...i would like a copy, just to look over that is.
Posted By: unreal

Re: Anarchist Cookbook - 01/08/04 06:51 AM

Hey, I heard we closed the anarchy forum. Take it elsewhere folks. Closed.
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