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party line

Posted By: rane

party line - 03/11/02 04:12 AM

For those of you interested, there's a free party line at 310-949-1234. Of course you could probably have a more intelligent conversation with a dead goat than the people in there, but they're friendly nonetheless.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: party line - 07/10/02 07:03 AM

Heh, ive tried one before just for the hell of it, its lame, and they scare me frown laugh
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: party line - 07/10/02 05:33 PM

i rather waste my time online then on the phone. I hate talking on the phone.
Posted By: Gutter_Scarab

Re: party line - 08/18/02 12:14 PM

I hear that, Moffesto. I only talk on the phone when it's absolutely necessary.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: party line - 08/24/02 03:31 PM

I only talk on the phone with certain people i know, not just anyone. even if i know them... certain people only:P
Posted By: daemeon

Re: party line - 09/05/02 10:27 AM

Does anyone know anything about phreaking payphones???
Posted By: Abnormality

Re: party line - 09/06/02 02:19 AM

Phreaking Payphones....yeah me and my friend Hotrod use to do it, but the knowledge was all on his side. I let him do the work...wasn't to interested in it at the time but i regret that now. Gizmo use to call me with Optix on some party line...they did some crazy stupid [censored] on that line...some thing with airports and bagage and scaring people...use your imagination...they were scary.
Posted By: Curse

Re: party line - 09/06/02 03:55 AM

daemon, do a search on Google for the infomation, and please ask off-subject questions in a post in the appropiate forum, k?
Posted By: Jonquiere

Re: party line - 09/07/02 08:53 PM

daemeon or he could go to:

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