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Bassist turned comic mocks the stars he backed

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Bassist turned comic mocks the stars he backed - 08/16/05 04:41 PM

Bass guitarist Guy Pratt has backed some of the world's biggest rock acts, and his comedy routine at the Edinburgh Fringe presents a cast of famous characters whose behavior borders on the bizarre.

"Pink Floyd had an ambience coordinator who had two jobs; to obtain narcotics and look after your parents when they came on tour," Pratt said at the world's largest arts festival where acts include The Lady Boys of Bangkok and Puppetry of the [censored].

The bassist for hire with a sardonic take on the rock scene said of Madonna:

"She was incredibly musical and could talk to musicians in terms they could understand as opposed to Tina Turner, who would say things like 'Could you make it more purple?'"

Pratt, who worked with Madonna on her "Like a Prayer" album, portrays her almost as a cartoon character with a real scream of a speaking voice.

"She does have one of those voices at New York waitress frequency 'You want coffee with that?' It is the sort of thing that goes right through," he told Reuters.

Michael Jackson is not given a good press in the show by Pratt, who played on his hit single "Earth Song" but never got to meet him in the studio as, for some bizarre reason, the reclusive star hid behind the mixing desk to issue instructions.

"I must admit, he doesn't come out too well but who cares. Earth Song was his biggest hit in Europe and I never got paid for doing it."

Pratt, who flew into Edinburgh after touring with Bryan Ferry, is not surprised that rock stars take themselves so seriously.

"You have a one-man conversation with the world for so long. You never hear anything you don't want to hear. You can start believing any old nonsense and it is going to get to anyone after a while."

Pratt wanted to be a bass player since he was 12 years old practicing in front of the mirror... (Continued Here)

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