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Cat Eats Man's Toe

Posted By: §intå×

Cat Eats Man's Toe - 11/01/05 01:36 PM

Udo Ried from Luebeck, Germany, dropped a knife onto his bare foot and sliced off one of his toes. Udo hopped into his bathroom to get a bandage and came back to find his cat had eaten the toe and disappeared into the garden.

The toe, said to have been the second one in and not the big toe, was not found but could have been reattached if Fritz the cat had not run away.

Posted By: §intå×

Re: Cat Eats Man's Toe - 11/01/05 04:50 PM

This is why I preffer dogs and hate cats. If you are a cat lover, no you cat is not different.

Owner dies, cat is left alone with owner in hose locked up. Cat eats owner

Owner dies, dog left alone in house with owner locked up. Dog sleeps next to owner and keeps trying to revive him.
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