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School Hit List Found On Bathroom Wall

Posted By: Girlie

School Hit List Found On Bathroom Wall - 05/02/05 04:31 AM

DETROIT -- Extra security will be present at a Detroit high school Thursday after a death threat was found written on the wall of a bathroom, Local 4 reported.

The hit list, which contained names of students, teachers and administrators, was discovered in the boys' bathroom at Detroit Renaissance High School on the city's west side Tuesday.

Principal Deborah Harley sent a letter home to parents on Wednesday to notify them of the threat. The letter described the content of the message.

"I was notified that a hit list was written on the wall in the boys lavatory. I found a note written by a person identifying himself as 'SOS, Son of Satan.' This may very well be a prank, but in this day and time I feel a responsibility to notify parents and to take security precautions."

Students were informed of the threat in an announcement on Wednesday morning.

"It said that there was a hit list of some sort and some people were going to be, well, eliminated on Friday the 29th," said Ashlee Trailer, a freshman at the school.

Parent Ramona Prater said when she heard about the list, she contacted her 16-year-old son immediately.

"He told me, "I'm OK, but I saw the list and my name is on it,'" said Prater.

Prater said her son will go to school as usual, but she and her husband will change their daily routine to ensure their son's safety.

Harley held a meeting on Wednesday afternoon with other staff members to discuss the hit list.

Detroit Public Schools security officers were expected to be present at the school Thursday morning. Harley said classes would resume as normal.

There was no word on if police would be called in to investigate the incident.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: School Hit List Found On Bathroom Wall - 05/02/05 11:44 PM

Watch, a girl wrote a closed sign and put it on the door, snuck into the boys bathroom and wrote the list trying to blaime it on a guy, and signed it Son of Satan to detour any suspision of a girl then left, taking her note with her...

wink ...
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