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Sixth-grader accused of counterfeiting

Posted By: IceMyst

Sixth-grader accused of counterfeiting - 04/12/05 03:30 AM

WEST SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- A sixth-grader and two of his friends were suspended after being accused of using phony dollar bills made on a home computer to buy food in the school cafeteria.

On Monday, a cafeteria worker at James Madison Middle School found a dollar bill that didn't look or feel like the real thing. Seattle School District spokeswoman Patti Spencer said people in the lunch room were told to watch for more counterfeit bills.

An assistant principal called Seattle police the next day after a sixth grader tried to use one of the fake bills to buy beef jerky from the cafeteria.

Seattle Police spokesman Sean Whitcomb said the boy made 20 fake dollar bills on his aunt's computer, brought them to school and shared them with his friends.

The King County Prosecutors' Office is reviewing the case and deciding whether to file charges. School officials suspended the three boys for several days.

Posted By: §intå×

Re: Sixth-grader accused of counterfeiting - 04/13/05 10:35 PM

Charges?!!! cmon, 6th grade, dose he even know what counterfittting is. Thats it boys, get those kids. Don't let them have a [censored] life, or learn from thier misstakes. Slap a felony on them in SIXTH [censored] GRADE.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Sixth-grader accused of counterfeiting - 04/14/05 01:08 AM

Yeah, I read that and almost feel over. When I was in 6th grade I just bribbed to cafeteria lady for free food (the fact that she was a friend of the family and my neighbor helped a bit too laugh ). I just cant believe it took a while for the school to figure it out. [censored]! how good of a printer does his aunt have that a person cant tell it's not real? They should just give the kid probabtion and just keep an eye on him, possibily even give him a job in the treasury dept when he grows up...
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Sixth-grader accused of counterfeiting - 04/14/05 10:30 AM

They shouldn't punish the kid. He wasn't doing anything wrong - he was being resourceful. I'm positive a kid in 6th grade doesn't know it's illegal to copy money. I tried it a bunch of times when I was around that age. Figured somebody had to "make" money, why not me?

I actually got caught when I was trying to buy some baseball cards. I went to that shop every Wednesday though and bought a pack, so the guy knew me. He gave me the pack for free that week, but said I shouldn't do that anymore cause I'd get in big trouble.

If the kids don't know, then teach them, don't punish them. And [censored], he counterfeited TWENTY DOLLARS. He's no threat to anyone.
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