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New York City Transit Workers Strike

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New York City Transit Workers Strike - 12/21/05 06:32 PM

NYC's Transit Workers Union has begun to strike, stopping subways and busses Tuesday morning at about 3:00AM. This comes at the height of holiday shopping and Mayor Bloomberg estimates the strike could cost the city $400 million a day.

This is the first citywide transit strike in New York since 1980, which lasted 11 days. City officials said they would seek immediate court action because it is illegal for mass transit workers to strike in New York. Heavy fines could be imposed.

Pay raises, pension, and health benefits for new hires is the main reason for the strike. Many New Yorkers do not sympathize with the workers. "I think they should all get fired," said Eddie Gonclaves, a doorman who expects $30 a day in cab fares.

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