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Spanking Illegal In Massachusetts?

Posted By: IceMyst

Spanking Illegal In Massachusetts? - 06/09/05 10:42 PM

BOSTON -- Should parents be allowed to spank their children? Massachusetts lawmakers will be debating that question following the filing of a bill that would ban corporal punishment in the commonwealth.

NewsCenter 5's Kelly Tuthill reported that state Rep. James Marzilli, Jr., of Arlington, Mass., is one of the sponsors of the bill, which prohibits everything from spanking to "hot saucing," which involves putting undiluted Tabasco sauce in a child's mouth.

In April, a Plymouth, Mass., father landed on the front page of local papers and behind bars after he used a belt to spank his son Josh, 12.

"He forgot his book. I went upstairs, I got my belt. I came downstairs. I gave him three swats on the rear end, with his pants on, like any concerned parent would do, and scared him, of course, you know. Hopefully I got the point across," Charles Enloe said.

But now, lawmakers are considering making "the willfull infliction of physical pain on children under 18," illegal. The measure would prohibit corporal punishment including whipping, spanking and pinching. Also forbidden would be washing a child's mouth out with soap and administering electric shocks.

The bill comes two weeks after Brookline, Mass., Town Meeting passed a non-binding resolution encouraging parents not to spank. The Supreme Judicial Court addressed the issue after a Woburn, Mass., minister used a belt to spank his 9-year-old son. In 1999, he was cleared when the SJC ruled that parents have a right to spank their children if it does not cause substantial risk of injury.

The bill appears to be unprecedented. Supporters said it's all about preventing abuse, not prosecuting parents.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Spanking Illegal In Massachusetts? - 06/09/05 10:48 PM

Ok so what does that leave parents with? The corner? Some kids need a smack on the [censored] in order to get thru to them what they did was wrong. Putting them in the corner for kick they're sibling in the balls just doesnt cut it (my little sister did it to my brother and the corner did nothing to stop her from doing it again)

I'm not condoneing hitting the kids repeatedly till they can't sit down, that doesnt help either (been there, done that) but the putting of soap in the mouth will, in most cases, stop kids from swearing and a swat on the butt will give your child the hint they did wrong and not to do it again...
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Spanking Illegal In Massachusetts? - 06/11/05 03:53 AM

Hot Pepper treatment, remember getting that growing up. I remember getting nailed a few times with a belt too. Thinking back on it I realized that my parents weren't violent sadists that got off beatimg kids, that I pretty much deserved what I got.

It's a point to remember that kids are idiots. No judgement or reasoning so I mean they are gonna do dumb stuff and need to be punished justly. My thing is don't do it in public. If your kid is yelling and being a little prick, wait til you get home before you administer corporal punishment.
Posted By: chav-tastic bob

Re: Spanking Illegal In Massachusetts? - 06/11/05 08:32 PM

Somebody should probably start a petition against it or something... (maybe they already have) or else end up with a nation of spoiled brats. As is happening in Sweden.

"Start a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."
----The Bible
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Spanking Illegal In Massachusetts? - 06/14/05 11:39 AM

'spare the rod, spoil the child'

the key is moderation. theres a difference between beating the [censored] out of ur kid to instill some sense of authority and spanking em to teach them a lesson.

now don't get me wrong, im all for parents being able to discipline their kids as they feel fit. god knows how annoying it is seeing a spoilt toddler chucking the biggest spaz attack in the supermarket cos he cant get some gijoe generic off the shelves.
but there will always be the element of standards:
that is, how much is too much?

being [censored]-slapped by ur mom whos natural instincts are to protect you is completely different to being flung across the room by your dad who still harbors resentment into never making it pro in boxing.

these new reality shows like 'SuperNanny' and 'Babysitters' are utter bullshit. Since when do parents need books or professionals to help em raise good, dignified script-kiddies? :p
parenting is all about trial-and-error. its a relationship between parent and child that grows through mutual respect for one another (well, at least in a perfect world).
i say speak to your parents and learn from their mistakes...
but more importantly, try and emulate what they did right (even if that means a mouth full of chilli if your kid utters a doo-doo word eek )
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