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Bird Flu Summit Held in Australia

Posted By: §intå×

Bird Flu Summit Held in Australia - 11/01/05 03:55 PM

Australia is hosting a bird flu summit in the north-eastern city of Brisbane this week, as 21 delegates from the Asia-Pacific region gather to hear from health experts and disaster management specialists.

Vietnam has appealed for US$50 million in foreign aid to help tackle a possible pandemic. 40 of the 60 global human fatalities from bird flu have occurred in Vietnam. Australia plans to vaccinate all its citizens, though that could be months away.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downder said that "Only in the most extreme circumstances, the most dire circumstances, would we be reduced to closing our borders."

Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Bird Flu Summit Held in Australia - 11/01/05 04:07 PM

Some essentials if they are going to Brissie this week. Sunscreen, sunnies and areoguard. Cause its so [censored] hot here right now and I dont have a/c in my room frown

Im getting vaccinated against the H5N1 virus? That I didnt know that. Well at least the worlds actually doing someting together.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Bird Flu Summit Held in Australia - 11/01/05 07:46 PM

yeah we're doing something together. have another flu pandemic and 1/2 the world is going to die...
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