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Sexomniac Gets Off the Hook

Posted By: §intå×

Sexomniac Gets Off the Hook - 12/04/05 02:59 PM

A man was acquitted of sexual assault charges this week in Canada because he allegedly suffers from sexsomnia, or involuntary sexual behavior while sleeping.

Jan Luedecke not realize what he had done until he was awakened by the police and found that he was still wearing a condom. At which time he did confess to the crime.

The victim plans to take the case to the highest court possible.
Posted By: Cheba_Smokin_Accountant

Re: Sexomniac Gets Off the Hook - 12/06/05 02:40 AM

Yeah, it would just piss you off to hear about some of the pathetic sentences sex offenders get up here.
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