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New medical marijuana guidelines for Oregon

Posted By: IceMyst

New medical marijuana guidelines for Oregon - 12/27/05 08:29 PM

SALEM, Ore. - Holders of medical marijuana cards in Oregon will now be allowed to have up to one-and-a-half pounds of dried marijuana and six mature plants.
That is the new limit under a new state law which takes effect January 1.

The increased possession limit is part of an effort to clear up ambiguities in the state's 1998 medical marijuana program.

One of the co-sponsors of the new medical marijuana law says it's aimed at putting the program "on more solid footing" by making it easier for police to interpret the law and harder for criminals to exploit it.

Current law allows cardholders and caregivers to grow three mature and four immature plants and to possess up to three ounces of dried marijuana.

Under the law, cardholders will be allowed to grow up to six mature plants and 18 seedlings. And they'll be able to possess 24 ounces of dried marijuana.
Posted By: LeviMrJeans

Re: New medical marijuana guidelines for Oregon - 01/04/06 08:04 PM

in denver, colorado we've passed a law a couple months ago or something like that where 21 and older may legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana. Woo! That may be old news to some people and I apologize in that case of redundancy but as a pothead that makes me happy.
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