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Iraqi Children Killed At School

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Iraqi Children Killed At School - 01/29/07 05:08 PM

Reports estimate that at least 7 Iraqi school children have been killed after their schools found themselves in the middle of the continued conflict with insurgents.

One Baghdad high school in a Sunni Adil district was hit by two mortars that landed in the yard while the children were taking a break from lessons. Five girls were killed, and 20 injured as shrapnel and glass sprayed the pupils.

Another school in Ramadi was caught in the blast when a suicide bomber attacked the Iraqi security base near it. Sources say 2 children were killed, and 10 injured.

Posted By: §intå×

Re: Iraqi Children Killed At School - 01/29/07 05:11 PM

Poor kids. It always makes me sad to hear of children dieing so young. War truly is a horrible thing. What many do not realize is Iraq is a very modern nation. I wonder how many would support the war if they could imagine mortars hitting their child's school. If they could picture it being their town.
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