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Posted By: weeve

PhantasyRPG - 06/12/04 10:52 PM is back online

I was playing this for weeks before the dood that owns it, his provider screwed him over. All of their systems crashed, and they sold their company over the next day. So...the next company had to say sorry...all your data is lost, and we can't do jack about it. He also had no backups.

But after a while now, it's backup, regardless of what happened:) There's a new race or two now too:D But There was one lycanthrope before on there. I remember that was either the admin or a systems admin. Heh, I wanted to be a wolfy so bad:| Yea it's real fun if you spend the time to get into it, and it adapts to whatever schedules you have, being that it just chills there when you don't have time.

It's kinda like or gang-wars. Or even a small realm online. But it's more so just a rpg that's growing, that's http based.
Posted By: UndeadBob

Re: PhantasyRPG - 06/13/04 12:54 AM

i like it. i just signed up and it is loads of fun...
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