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Commandos II confusion

Posted By: skysir

Commandos II confusion - 09/02/02 09:59 AM

People pls help! I just borrowed a CDR copy of Commandos II from my friend... the program runs fine on his system, however, when it come to installation into my system, it says "Read error/ copy error" in the middle of installation... (there are 3 CDs)... when we tried to run it at my fren's system again, it works fine, requesting cd swap during installation... but on my system, it can't get futher than the first CD... any solution?
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Commandos II confusion - 09/06/02 12:54 AM

no solution, but i hate that game, not worth your time if you ask me. if i had to geuss at the problem... one, is it possible that you have an older cd-rom not capable of reading burned cd's? i know one of my computers has this problem, sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. also you should make sure when the cd was burned it was closed correctly... i know on my cd burner it gives the option to allow it to read on any cd-rom, any cd-burner, or and cd-playa in general. so even if your cd-rom is new enough, if the cd wasn't closed for regular cd-roms but rather it was closed for reading on cd-burners only then you would have a problem. just an idea
Posted By: tuatboaac

Re: Commandos II confusion - 09/09/02 06:46 PM

hes right. its prolly just your CD-rom not being compatible with burned CD's. especially if its a CD-RW, not many old comps can handle those
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