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Need some help setting shit up

Posted By: pergesu

Need some help setting shit up - 11/10/05 03:35 AM

I have a 20" LCD (Dell 2001fp) that has an S-VIDEO input, but I don't own a TV. I'd like to be able to play playstation through my I bought a little thing that connects the playstation to S-VIDEO. Hooked it up, it works fine, but there's no audio. The monitor doesn't have built-in speakers so..duh. I obviously would like to have the audio while I play, so I need a way to figure this out. I haven't been able to find an audio out on the monitor that I can just plug my speakers in to. So is there some way I can hook the speakers up directly to my playstation? They're standard computer speakers with the 1/8" jack or whatever.

I also noticed there's an s-video input on my graphics card...maybe I can hook my playstation up to that and play it through there? I don't know if that'd take a toll on my computer, as opposed to connecting the display directly to the playstation. Anyway, just lookin for some ideas here. Thanks
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Need some help setting shit up - 11/10/05 05:20 AM

SVideo is video only; it's non-audio...

What does the adapter that you bought look like? Where does it plug in? Can you hook in the standard output cable and use the LR audio cables to plug it into a sterio or get a Y adapter and a 1/8" jack to plug into them so you can jack into "modern" computer speakers?

Likely the SVid on your graphics card is SVid out; you'll have to dilly dally though...
Posted By: KillHour

Re: Need some help setting shit up - 11/10/05 11:00 PM

There are only two audio outputs on a PS2. Component and phiber. Since only tv's have component, you will need a phiber system to play sound. There are two options:

A: Get a SoundBlaster Sound card. These come standard (I believe) with phiber input/output jacks.

B: Get a surround sound system (A GOOD ONE!) I got mine from BJ's for about $1k, and it comes with a Kenwood audio reciever -w- two phiber inputs, a Kenwood DVD player (really nice BTW), and a 5.1 Bose surround sound system with a HUGE subwoofer. Only one problem: the police came to my house, and I'm not allowed to play MOH after 9PM anymore... frown
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Need some help setting shit up - 11/11/05 02:12 AM

I went to Radio Shack today, and he gave me an adapter to convert RCA to 1/8" stereo, and then a coupler so that I can plug my speakers in. Cost about $8 total, and I'm rockin.

Only problem is is that the monitor does shitty resolution when it takes s-video...don't know why, it can do 1600x1200 normally, makes no sense to me. Anyway, I can play video games now holla.
Posted By: KillHour

Re: Need some help setting shit up - 11/11/05 02:21 AM

Damnit, just when I think I know something smirk
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Need some help setting shit up - 11/11/05 02:37 AM

See, I rock lol... Fiber is great if you have the cash to do so... But RCA is pretty decent as well.

Perg, you may wanna fool with your monitor settings as well, you may have an option ther
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