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diablo 2

Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

diablo 2 - 09/28/03 12:49 PM

hello do any of you know how to get battle net for diablo 2
Posted By: Crime

Re: diablo 2 - 09/28/03 03:15 PM

A) we are now bilzzard tech support
B) what excactly are you having trouble doing ?

i suggest you try looking HERE
if you cant find it there, then email them....
Posted By: jonconley

Re: diablo 2 - 09/29/03 05:36 AM

I normally get leet speak, but what exactly is your name, I can't figure it out. The genestealer?

Also, I am installing Diablo 2 as we speak. I haven't bought a game in probably 5 years and I seldom play computer games aside from my acute bouts w/ Starcraft and Unreal.

I have pledged to quit smoking and drinking for 1 month, October. If this is all it is cracked up to be, I hope stops me from wanting to go out and party.

/me waits in anticipation of his first play.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: diablo 2 - 09/29/03 06:20 AM

Dude... you quit smoking and drinking and started playing Diablo 2? You just got into a worse addiction laugh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: diablo 2 - 09/29/03 07:55 AM

/e plays D2 :x... Get on the IRC, we'll make a game, i'll help you level :x...
Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

Re: diablo 2 - 09/29/03 02:37 PM

i know diablo is the best this morning i was on my barbarian (act 3 ,level 23) and it froze as i was getting out so i had to restart and it deleted the characters frown yes my name is the genestealer i used leet speak
Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

Re: diablo 2 - 09/29/03 02:39 PM

and im having trouble downloading the patch for battlenet after i have it tels me it doesnt work
Posted By: jonconley

Re: diablo 2 - 09/29/03 11:07 PM

Goto and download the most recent patch. There is a bug where it will tell you that and I assume it stays at 0%. The patch fixes that and other errors.
Posted By: Gollum

Re: diablo 2 - 09/30/03 01:11 AM

ah, diablo. if ugn ppl start playing i'll get in. i have a level 50 something druid.//
Posted By: Ice

Re: diablo 2 - 09/30/03 04:20 AM

I used to play Hardcore, got 9 level 99's then i quite. My account got deleted also = (
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: diablo 2 - 09/30/03 05:22 AM

My Characters:
MasterGizmo 34 Necromancer
ThunderRide 28 Barbarian
ThunderBear 11 Druid

I'm usually in the game name ACS, if you want to play sometime go ahead and email me or get on the IRC.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: diablo 2 - 09/30/03 05:24 AM

BTW, all are expansion characters, if you don't have the expansion i don't have any non expansion characters lol...

::hugs LoD && no cd crack for 1.09d::
Posted By: TH3 93n3$t34l3r

Re: diablo 2 - 10/20/03 11:36 AM

necromancer at level 30 is stupid undead specter is supposed to be good its just like bone spear
Posted By: MELAO

Re: diablo 2 - 10/28/03 07:35 PM

hey,what the best equipment is for an ama at 76 level?windforce?mesh?
Posted By: Aeon_X

Re: diablo 2 - 01/09/04 11:56 PM

My chars are:
Aeon_X: 77 Barb
xXThE_bUtChErXx: 50 Pally
Aeon_Z: 17 Amazon
The_Magicry: 68 Sorce

I would like to help some1 that is like lvl 26 get to lvl 75, i can get u that high in 3 hours. Tell me if u are intrested
Posted By: Aeon_X

Re: diablo 2 - 01/09/04 11:58 PM

I would help u Gizmo with ure lvl 28 char!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: diablo 2 - 01/10/04 01:06 PM

74 Necromancer (Beast Master)
45 Barbarian
81 Necromancer (Bone/Poison Whore)
25 Sorceress (Fire)
Posted By: weeve

Re: diablo 2 - 01/12/04 01:16 AM

Imo, rpg's are becoming about as lame as fred savage. Giz, lets you, me, and lucid make a rpg. K?
Posted By: weeve

Re: diablo 2 - 01/12/04 01:23 AM

every rpg/mmorpg/anything has a half life of 3 years before it gets old. Everquest is lucky, the oldies like diablo, d2, starcraft, c&c, Redalert, ten network, gamespy, and battlenet [censored]. Even Roger wilco, sam&max, sierra [censored], day of the tentacle, old 486 games like that, and starcraft. Um, Even everquest, and I'm imagining, MxO( will have a short fall. We need to make like a cthulhu dawn game that's all about some sex, and killing. Sex, and killing last alot longer then futuristic/medevil I believe.

Meh, we can think up some messed up game ideas, I know because lucid got one, I had the god/world/stargate, unix os, and game. Worlds, galaxy, universe. I+u+him have many ideas, that we can expand on, folds over. But we should for real do it, make a mmorpg, or a physical rpg, that will last for 10+ years. That would put it all on the map, and ppl would have something to generalize on. Let Realm die, let everquest die, stop making games on movies, and um have a general game that ppl can get away from life on. O the hacker/phreaker game idea we had, in mental perception bro, the idea that we expanded on for about a year..that's a good one. With the lifes, and [censored].

I bet that would pull a hell of alot more then freakin uplink ever could.;/ You let me know though, also anyone else that wants to work on it, give your peace.
Posted By: weeve

Re: diablo 2 - 01/14/04 02:40 PM

so no peace on it I guess huh? frown
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