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Posted By: Gremelin

Flash Games - 02/29/04 01:00 PM

Ok, so, most of you have no doubt noticed the "Games" section of UGN (Look at the top of the board if not, it's in the right hand side of the page). On this section of the board we've provided some flash games that we find helarious...

I'm wondering; which games (if any) do you think we should get rid of? And which games would you like to see added?

There is no real content level that we're asking for; just looking for something that will releave some time for all of us bored chaps...

Note that not all games will be added, but if it's good enough for me to get lost in it for more than 5 minutes it will be...
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Flash Games - 02/29/04 01:16 PM
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Flash Games - 02/29/04 01:44 PM

Any specifics?
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