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Gamecube Cracked!

Posted By: Chem

Gamecube Cracked! - 10/13/03 10:44 AM

Well it seems something usefull has finally come out of the PSO v2 hack. For those of you just tuning in, this was a hack devised a few months ago which would allow you to hook your gamecube to your PC and stream very limited amounts of data (about 4MB to the GC's RAM) via the broadband adapter and an exploit for PSOv2. Over time, an improved version that could load 14MB of data came out and homebrewers starting making rudimentary games/tech demos.

Fast foward to today. Eurasia has released a loader which takes further advantage of the PSO hack to the extent that Animal Crossing can now be played flawlessly. Other games support the same loader but with minor errors (FMV skips, loading times ranging from non-existent in some games, to 2+ minutes long in others).

Within a few months you'll be seeing modchips that will allow you to play the games hassle free,

A new beta of the loader was released, it now STREAMS other games from pc to bba aswell, currently 100% supported is luigi and animal crossing, luigi gives you longer loading times, but runs fine.

Other Games are partly supported but have errors!

So much for not being able to warez GC Games,

The fallowing GC games have been released by warez groups:









I will be updating this thread with links to software and all other files allowed here at UGN, new software is being developed daily.
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/13/03 10:56 AM

[Linked Image]

GC-nfo v1.0
gamecube header and bnr_info tool, Basic information tool for GC disk binaries

Download Here
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/13/03 02:20 PM

Alright, could somebody tell me what's so great about this? You can hook it up to your PC and play the that it? I don't really see the point. It's not like the playstation mod chips where you can play pirated games and stuff. Is it just like if you have a kick [censored] PC, then you can play it with the better graphics and everything?
Posted By: Ntd

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/13/03 03:46 PM

This is amazing Chem!!!!!!!!
/me hugs Chem
Hey can you tell me where you get all your info i really want to keep upto date with all of this and maybee someday i will burn my fav game TS2 (Time splitters 2), PM me or post it thanks!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/13/03 03:50 PM

So long as this is only the info and emulator news it's fine, so long as warez isn't shown then fine, second it is, i'm taking you out back the barn and caping you in the head...
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/13/03 09:26 PM

Thanx Gizmo, I know the rules,

Judging from pergus's post I have to clerify what this is.
An exploit in PSO 2 for the gamecube allows you to send data into the gamecubes ram, theres no emulation anywhere.
People can now download warez copies of GC games from the net, then connecting the GC to the computer allows the Gamecube to play a game off the pc's harddrive instead of the optical drive in the gamecube.

So in turn allows you to play GC games on your gamecube the exact same as if the actual game was in the GC. And since data is read off of the pc's harddrive instead of the GC's optical drive the load times will be much shorter once the bugs are worked out of the programs.

Oh, and you can still save your games to the GC's memory card etc. once the game is started theres no difference in any way than if the actual game was in the gamecube, except faster load times.

Heh, this doesn't void the gamecubes warranty...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/13/03 11:33 PM

thats awsome, is there any way to do this with an xbox?
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/14/03 03:02 AM

Thanks Chem, that makes a hell of a lot more sense now smile
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/14/03 03:12 AM

Sounds interesting. I am just curious as to where and when the information comes into the Gamecube. Seems odd to just be able to stream information into the port and load up a game.

I didn't have any more luck finding info about PSO v2. Just got results for Phantasy Star Online smile

Ok. I didn't see the loader, so you need a special loader I assume for games in general or the game. it doesn't make sense that you could send the data and the GC would load whatever was streamed through the port.
Posted By: visage

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/14/03 05:16 AM

You guys are missing the entire point behind this discovery. Not only can you stream the games from your PC to the GC, but GC homebrew has finally begun! This means that all us Homebrew guys that have been dinking around with the GBA can finally get some code loaded into the GC for testing instead of this emulation stuff.

check out for gc/gba dev tools and tutorials.
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/14/03 10:27 PM

The fallowing games have been released thus far:

12/10/2003 Animal_Crossing_Loader_1.1_NGC_INTERNAL_BETA-EURASIA
12/10/2003 Animal_Crossing_USA_Loader_NGC_INTERNAL-EURASIA
10/10/2003 Animal_Crossing_USA_NGC_INTERNAL-EURASIA
10/08/2003 Waverace_Blue_Storm_Plus_7_Trainer_USA-CZN
18/06/2003 Phantasy_Star_Online_1_And_2_PAL_GC-RARE
18/06/2003 Disneys_Magical_Mirror_Starring_Mickey_Mouse_PAL_GC-RARE
18/06/2003 Skies_of_Arcadia_Legends_PAL_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 Zelda_Ocarina_Of_Time_PAL_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 Nhl_Hitz_20-02_PAL_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 Evolution_Worlds_PAL_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 2002_FIFA_World_Cup_PAL_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 Luigis_Mansion_PAL_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 Pikmin_USA_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 Star_Fox_Adventures_USA_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 Eternal_Darkness_USA_GC-RARE
17/06/2003 PSUL_1.0_Gamecube_Code_Uploader-CZN
16/06/2003 Ultimate_Cheats_For_Zelda_PAL_GC-RARE
15/06/2003 Gamecube_Header_And_Banner_Info_And_Docs-GCNFO
14/06/2003 The_Legend_Of_Zelda_The_Wind_Waker_USA_NGC-STARCUBE
14/06/2003 FreeLoader_V1.06b_NGC-STARCUBE
14/06/2003 Action_Replay_V1.06_NGC-STARCUBE


StarCube is back with 3 new gamecube-releases:
- Nintendo_Puzzle_Collection_JAP_NGC-STARCUBE
- Star_Wars_Rogue_Squadron_2_Rogue_Leader_USA_NGC-STARCUBE
- Rayman_3_Hoodlum_Havok_USA_NGC-STARCUBE

Also there are some new releases from RARE:
- Metroid_Prime_USA_GC-RARE
- Super_Smash_Brothers_Melee_USA_GC-RARE
- Super_Monkey_Ball_USA_GC-RARE
- Super_Monkey_Ball_2_USA_GC-RARE
- Wave_Race_Blue_Storm_USA_GC-RARE

At the time, the games are being shared via irc, though you can expect warez bittorent sites to catch up within the faoowing weeks.

I'm not sure if the loader program that allows you to play the GC backups on your GameCube is warez or not, I dont know if it contains any copyrighted code or not. will post when confirmation is recieved that its kosher.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/15/03 02:10 AM

OK chem and everyone else. Lets talk more about the technical aspects and the homebrewing and move away from the warezed ROMs, so this topic doesn't have to be closed.
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/15/03 10:09 PM

Ok, here comes the info on how this works.
With a copy of Phantasy Star Online & the Broadband adapter, it is possible to play backups of games in conjunction with your PC.

Since Phantasy Star online is an online game, its set to listen to the Broadband adapter for instructions etc from the PSO servers.

By connecting the adapter to your computer and using a program called "The Euroasia Loader" your computer will interpret commands from the Gamecube and using an exploit in the PSO game can send data directly into the ram. The Euroasia loader then plops a little program in the ram that tells the gamecube not to read data off the optical drive, but to read it off the broadband adapter instead. So the GameCube requests all its data off the broadband adapter, and thus off the computer. The computer running the euroasia loader can interpret these commands and sends the requested data via a copy of a game ISO on the hard drive.
Its just that simple.

Heres the .nfo file of the euroasia loader:

.       .                                                           .       . 
: /    /                .                                 ___:.      \    \ : 
|// _//________.___ ____:____________  _____.__________   \  /   _____\\_ \\| 
|/ | /   _     /   |    |    _      /__\__   \      __/____\/____\__   \ | \| 
/ /|/    /    /    |    |    /     /     _    \______     /_/\     _    \|\ \ 
\ \//    ____/     [    |    \    <      \    /\    /    /    \    \    \\/ / 
|\ / ______\ \__________|_____\   /_____________\_______/______\________ \ /| 
| \   \ ----  --------- : ---- \____\ ----------- ----- -------- ---- /   / | 
|  \\  \                                                             /  //  | 
|   /  /        IS PROUD TO BRING YOU ON OCTOBER 12TH, 2003          \  \MTX! 
| //  /                                                               \  \\ | 
|/   /              >>> Animal Crossing Loader 1.1 <<<                 \   \| 
/  //                                                                   \\  \ 
. /   COMPANY...: Nintendo            -   SYSTEM....: GCN\DOS32           \ . 
://   ORIGIN....: USA                 -   SIZE......: 49.6K               \\: 
|/    LANGUAGE..: English             -   FILENAME..: EUR-ACL1.ZIP         \| 
|                                                                           | 
`--/ /-----------------------------------------------------------------\ \--' 
.-/ /->> RELEASE NOTES: <<----------------------------------------------\ \-. 
|                                                                           | 
|                                                                           | 
|     Eurasia Animal Crossing Loader V1.1.  Now supports all Animal         | 
|     Crossing GCMs and several others.                                     | 
|                                                                           | 
|     When using on GCMs that use excessive BBA streaming, memory card      | 
|     access may be less reliable or cause a hang.  This does not apply to  | 
|     any version of Animal Crossing or games like Luigis Mansion because   | 
|     streaming from BBA does not occur every second.                       | 
|                                                                           | 
|     Games like F-Zero, that stream every second, you may want to remove   | 
|     the memory card completely to stop possible hanging when it is        | 
|     accessed.                                                             | 
|                                                                           | 
|     Despite the save limitations of some games you may still enjoy them   | 
|     until a workaround is developed.                                      | 
|                                                                           | 
|         Enjoy!                                                            | 
|                                                                           | 
`--/ /-----------------------------------------------------------------\ \--' 
.-/ /->> TOOL NOTES: <<-------------------------------------------------\ \-. 
|                                                                           | 
|                                                                           | 
|     Play Animal Crossing (USA) GCM on your Gamecube with BBA/PSO exploit  | 
|                                                                           | 
| Loader Files:                                                             | 
|                                                                           | 
|     EUR-ACL1.EXE - PC Animal Crossing Loader 1.1                          | 
|     EUR-ACL1.DOL - GC Animal Crossing Loader 1.1                          | 
|                                                                           | 
| Setup:                                                                    | 
|                                                                           | 
|       In PSO Network provider setup menu..                                | 
|                                                                           | 
|     * Change IP address of GC to                             | 
|     * Change Default Gateway and Primary DNS to             | 
|                                                                           | 
|       In Windows..                                                        | 
|                                                                           | 
|     * Change your PC IP to                                  | 
|                                                                           | 
|                                                                           | 
| Usage:                                                                    | 
|        From DOS Run EUR-ACL1.EXE with the Animal Crossing GCM..           | 
|                                                                           | 
|         > EUR-ACL1.EXE EUR-ACGC.GCM                                       | 
|                                                                           | 
|                                                                           | 
|       Upload EUR-ACL1.DOL to the GC with PSUL Version 1.1                 | 
|                                                                           | 
|       The Eurasia intro will boot on GC, you can change boot method       | 
|       from A/B using D-pad, then press START.                             | 
|                                                                           | 
|       If everything is working correctly the DOS screen will begin        | 
|       to fill with dots. The TV screen should go from loading, black,     | 
|       Red Nintendo Logo, black screen, sound, title screen, music.        | 
|                                                                           | 
|       On some sytems the entire game will load in 1 minute, on other      | 
|       systems this process may take several minutes! Please be patient,   | 
|       As long as dots are filling the DOS screen then Animal Crossing     | 
|       is loading.                                                         | 
|                                                                           | 
|       If you are having problems with hanging, or the console is filling  | 
|       up with X's and transfer rate is very slow, try using the delay     | 
|       switch to slow down transfer rate from PC.                          | 
|                                                                           | 
|       Delay usage:    eur-acl1.exe eur-acgc.gcm -d10 -f16                 | 
|                                                                           | 
|       Delays for 10ms every 16 packets.                                   | 
|                                                                           | 
|       If no -f switch is given the frequency of delay will default to     | 
|       every one packet which is far slower and perhaps no more reliable   | 
|       that a given frequency value.  Experiment to find the optimum       | 
|       settings for your system if you are having long loading times.      | 
|                                                                           | 
|                                                                           | 
`--/ /-----------------------------------------------------------------\ \--' 
.-/ /->> NICE -----: <<-------------------------------------------------\ \-. 


DOL-GAFE-USA  A    Animal Crossing             ~1 min. initial load. 
                                               Game loads into RAM. No more 
                                               loading after title screen. 
DOL-GAEJ-JAP  A    Animal Crossing E+          ~2 min. initial load. 
                                               Game loads into RAM. No more 
                                               loading after title screen. 
DOL-GLMP-EUR  B    Luigi's Mansion             ~2 min. initial load. 
                                               Intro sound pops/stutters. 
                                               <2 sec. load between doors. 


DOL-GFZJ-JAP  B    F-Zero GX                   ~2 min. initial load. 
DOL-GFZE-USA  B    F-Zero GX                   Short loading times in-game. 
                                               Minor audio pops/stutters in-game. 
                                               <15 sec. load for menus. 
                                               Reports memory card as full but 
                                               does not freeze. 
DOL-GWRP-EUR  B    Wave Race: Blue Storm       ~1 min. initial load. 
                                               Short loading times in-game. 
                                               Audio pops/stutters in-game. 
                                               Recommend remove memory card. 
DOL-GSWE-USA  B    Rogue Leader                ~5 min. initial load. 
                                               Recommend remove memory card. 
DOL-GMDE-USA  A    Madden NFL 2002             ~2 min. initial load. 
                                               Choppy FMV/graphics in-game. 
                                               Recommend remove memory card. 
DOL-GSAP-EUR  B    Starfox Adventures          ~1 min. initial load. 
                                               Choppy FMV/audio cut-scenes. 
                                               Recommend remove memory card. 
DOL-GDMP-EUR  B    Disney's Magical Mirror     ~1 min. initial load. 
                   starring Mickey Mouse       Short loading times in-game. 
                                               Minor audio pops/stutters in intro. 
                                               Minor audio/graphics pops in-game. 
DOL-GRHE-USA  B    Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havok     ~3 min. initial load. 
                                               Choppy FMV/audio/graphics in-game. 
                                               Recommend remove memory card. 
DOL-????-USA  B    Skies of Arcadia            ~1 min. initial load. 
                                               Short loading times in-game. 
                                               Choppy FMV/intro. 
DOL-GTSE-USA  B    TimeSplitters 2             ~1 min. initial load. 
                                               ~30 seconds for each load screen. 
                                               Reports memory card as corrupt 
                                               but does not freeze. 



.-/ /->> APPLICATION INFO: <<-------------------------------------------\ \-. 
|                                                                           | 
|     Interested in being a part of Eurasia?  We are currently looking      | 
|     for people to join our team.  We have a strong belief in group        | 
|     friendship and we make an effort to ensure that all members get       | 
|     exceptional benefits. If you fit into any of these categories,        | 
|     please contact us for membership information:                         | 
|                                                                           | 
|     * Suppliers of unreleased console games around the world. If you      | 
|       have access to games and have spare time, we can train you and      | 
|       give you access to the necessary tools and hardware to make         | 
|       your job easier.                                                    | 
|                                                                           | 
|     * Site affiliations worldwide. If you host a site and are looking     | 
|       for a great affiliation, contact us to establish a relationship.    | 
|                                                                           | 
|     If you fit into any of these categories, please contact us.           | 
|                                                                           | 
`--/ /-----------------------------------------------------------------\ \--' 
.-/ /->> GREETS: <<-----------------------------------------------------\ \-. 
|                                                                           | 
|     Crazy Nation, Echelon, Kalisto, Lightforce, Mode 7, Nightfall,        | 
|     Oldskool, Paradox, Rising Sun, RSiSO, StarCube, SAC, and Venom.       | 
|  \                                                                     /  | 
`--/ /-----------------------------------------------------------------\ \--' 
.-/ /-------------------------------------------------------------------\ \-. 
|/  /\_ __   ESTABLISHED IN 1997    ___:.                          __ _/\  \| 
/ // ______._ __:____.  _____:____. \  /_____.  _____.  ____:___._______.\\ \ 
\ \_|   ___/ |  |  _  \_\__  |  __/__\/_\__  |_ \___  \/    |    \___   |_/ / 
|\ \_   __/  |  |  /  <   _  |___   //\   _  _/  /  __/  |  |  |  \__   _/ /| 
|\  |_\___\_____|__\___\_____|_____/___\_____|  /_____\_____|_____/___/_|  /| 
: \    \        :            :                              :        /    / : 
   \\   \                       FOR PLEASURE, NOT PRESSURE!         /   // 
    \\  \\                                                         //  // 
          \                                                       /
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/23/03 04:19 AM

This is really awesome news, actually. I can't wait for some homebrew games to start coming out, even though I don't have GC and don't plan on getting one :x I expect more [censored] like this to happen as computer and consoles start becoming more integrated. Very cool! Despite the fact that I hate warez *mostly* laugh , I got much love for the people who did this. Great work! W0rd
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/23/03 04:42 AM

I hate to talk abot warex, but remember how I said you'd be seeing GameCube roms popping up all over the place on bittorent sites.

Well its happened,
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 10/23/03 07:10 AM

again stick with the homebrew and such. Just paranoid b/c remember when MS got pissed and shut down a lot of sites that sold modchips and various sites linking to or posting info about hacking the xbox to play ROMs. Just stay away from rom talk, and no need to post scene releases or NFOs anymore. Realize that one contained technical info so I didn't say anything about it. Just a word of warning.
Posted By: barret

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/20/03 09:53 PM

I have some questions to the pro's here

What loader is the best at this time?
(starcube, eurasia...)?

When can i expect to get this streaming thing work on PAL gamecubes with PAL games?

thx alot
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/24/03 09:50 AM

StarCube is just a group that releases GameCube ISO's, At the current time Every Game has been ripped and is easily found on the net.

Just about all ISO's come bundled with a loader,

Here's a bundle with some detailed instructions on running GameCube games vie PSO hack, plus some related programs and loaders:

Oh, and for anyone looking for GameCube ISO's, please dont ask where to find them here.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 12/03/03 11:56 PM

Chem: I am geting a GCN. Now I know I need the broadband adapter and the actual PSO 1&2 game in order to do this. About the loaders, seems I joined the scene in a time of drama. Could you explain what is everyone's deal right now and perhaps give some info links. I got these so far:

Oh and what the hell is this:
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 12/04/03 12:33 AM

kk. figured out warp pipe. Did not realize that nintendo had no online service. However, warppipe lets you play against individuals over the internet it seems. For games like Mario Kart. I am sure this project will be very promising and will add several more games support. I am going to be sure to donate to this if they release a stable version atleast.
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 12/04/03 11:01 AM

Will post huge post tommorow when I get a chance at break,
Posted By: eNigMaII

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 01/15/04 06:32 PM

HI is there anyone who know some latest games please tell ok?
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 01/15/04 09:21 PM

i found:
1. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
2. Star Trek: Shattered Universe
3. The Sims Bustin' Out
4. Mission Impossible - Operation Surma
5. Dot.Hack: Part 4 Quarantine
6. NFL Street

i'll post more for ya when i find them and when i wake up more and become unlazy or you can go on google and type "ps2 games" and it'll get u a bunch of sites that have all the gameing consoles on it.
Posted By: saab_rider

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 06/11/04 11:12 AM

Hello everyone, This is my first post laugh I was browsing the net and I came across a post on a forum which claimed that you can backup GC games if you had nero 6, and a miniDVD-R (and a DVD burner ofcourse). This guy said that if you burn a GC image on a miniDVD, you won't need any mod chip and you can directly play the burnt miniDVD on the GC console with no mods at all. I downloaded a GC image off the net, and when I opened it, it turned out to be a .gcm format. Is there anyway for me to burn this image and play it on my console without using any mods or a PC network?

Posted By: Jaspel

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 06/12/04 12:29 AM

Maybe because thats true, as you may or may not notice the last post was from Jan 15. btw there really isn't that much protection(encryption), as nintendo thought they would be safe, using such a different form-factor, its a standard industrial dvd, but half the size. Blank dvds(that you can buy in the store) are only like 5 gig where the industry ones are like 9. (sizes are approximate) so it would be very hard to get the game to fit, as images wouldn't fit on a standard half size dvd.
Posted By: Chem

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 06/12/04 01:58 AM

Originally posted by saab_rider:
Hello everyone, This is my first post laugh I was browsing the net and I came across a post on a forum which claimed that you can backup GC games if you had nero 6, and a miniDVD-R (and a DVD burner ofcourse). This guy said that if you burn a GC image on a miniDVD, you won't need any mod chip and you can directly play the burnt miniDVD on the GC console with no mods at all. I downloaded a GC image off the net, and when I opened it, it turned out to be a .gcm format. Is there anyway for me to burn this image and play it on my console without using any mods or a PC network?

You can simply rename the extension to *.ISO and Nero will burn it fine, however the Game cube cannot read a burnt DVD, or any other kind or writable media.

There is no way to play burnt game cube games, period.

The game cube uses its own hybrid DVD format, and as of this post there is no way of duplicating it. You can play game backups via the PSO exploit and a broadband adapter, but thatís it.
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 06/12/04 02:08 AM

o...thanks really, im quite sure that was how it was but you know probaly better than me chem. :rolleyes:
Posted By: PussyCat55

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 09/06/04 07:38 AM

something useful came out of a gamecube...i dont believe it...
Posted By: MegamanXGold

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/16/04 01:38 AM

You guys are rather behind the times.

For an easier time exploiting the PSO/BBA hack uploading ISOs to your GCN, look for the Pheonix Tools. It's been a few months since I've played Mario Kart: Double Dash using the method (before you accuse me of not supporting Nintendo, I'm a proud Nintendo fan-boy owning 46 GameCube titles, 4 Platinum WaveBirds, the GCN BBA, GameBoy Player, and some third-party accessories).

Anyways, I was just googling looking for a better GCN ISO Ripper, since I would find an easier time ripping GCN games myself, rather than using BitTorrent. The Pheonix Tools' ripper is the only thing in the set of tools they provide that doesn't work properly.

WarpPipe Group is a bunch of guys working on their software that tricks Mario Kart: Double Dash, 1080 Avalanche, and Kirby: Air Dash (I think is the name) into thinking that the PC is another GameCube. With various ways of creating the set-up, via two NICs in one PC, or using a Router, etc., online play has been extended beyond just Phantasy Star Online. And so with a regular BroadBand internet connection you can play with others around the world for the first time on GameCube. Too bad Nintendo didn't release a program like this.

Now for people interested in Emulation, the Dolphin GCN Emulater is coming along RATHER nicely. And Homebrew is...well it's not an exciting time for that just yet, at least not for end-users.

The GameCube Broadband Adaptor is only a 10MBPS unit, and the port from the adaptor into the GameCube is about as limiting. It is unlikely that load times via the PSO/BBA set-up will ever be able to surpass the GCN's own Optical Drive.

And it is true that the GCN Discs are propietary. ISOs can not be burned to run on GameCubes. HOWEVER...if you want to spring the $400-$600 for the Panasonic version of the GameCube (named the Panasonic Q, you can buy it from then you can burn GameCube ISOs on regular size industry standard DVD discs, and play it on a completely unmodified Panasonic Q. It has been tested and confirmed to work.

Panasonic Q is a Japanese system and can only be bought via import. However, offers a pretty English Face-Plate for the Q's bundled Remote Control. The Q is designed to be a home entertainment center, capable of playing DVD's, Audio CD's, and of course regular GCN games. It has a language select available in the Q so you can choose between various languages for your GCN BIOS load-screen (the pretty rounded cube).

Before you get excited and think of the Q as something that must have just been released, it's actually been around since about the time the GameCube itself was released. So like I said, you guys are really behind the times, aren't you?

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/16/04 03:54 AM

No [censored] sherlock; the first post on this thread was on October 12, 2003; something tells me that something has to of happened in a full year...
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/16/04 04:59 AM

You mean the dates on top of a reply mean something??
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/17/04 05:32 AM

Evidently not lol
Posted By: MegamanXGold

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/28/04 09:37 AM

I found the thread via Google. I was looking at the last post by Chem since it seemed that only his posts mattered in this thread. I was updating with the information I had and that this thread lacked. I didn't recall seeing multiple threads based on this same topic so I figured posting to this thread might give some appreciated information.

I apologise for my assumption that just because this thread wasn't posted to regularly didn't mean it was an unpopular subject for the users here, hence why I believed that the lack of more frequent posts indicated a lack of knowledge of 'current times'.

I meant no disrespect, though something did happen in a full year...the other 27 posts between the first post and my own. I hope that you were just having a bad day and didn't mean to lash out, dude. And if you were having a bad day, I'm sympathetic and I hope it turned out okay.

But don't worry, the next time I feel like contributing anything, I'll take it elsewhere.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gamecube Cracked! - 11/28/04 12:04 PM

You're more than welcome to contribute, but saying that a post lacks content that's over a year old and not really providing anything of use doesn't really have any point.
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