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Posted By: Ghost

FPSs - 09/28/03 02:39 PM

what i want to know is what First Person Shooters everyone has,what platform is is for, ans why its cool

I personally have Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon Island Thunder, and Halo
Posted By: Crime

Re: FPSs - 09/28/03 03:18 PM

im not really into FPS all that much, i tend to stick to RPGs and Strategy games.

the FPS im playing now is Doom 64: Absolution on the pc, i suggest you check it out

btw, you profile needs a spelling check
Posted By: Ice

Re: FPSs - 09/29/03 01:50 AM

well i have the following FPS on PC

Doom 1, 2
Unreal Tournement
Unreal 2003
Aliens Vs Predator 2
Gunman Chronicles
Team Fortress Classic

thats all i can remember at the moment

For XBox i have

Unreal Championship
Posted By: Ghost

Re: FPSs - 09/29/03 02:45 AM

Im usually just a console person. I like FPSs but RPGs kick [censored] too. My favorite of all time is definatly Final Fantasy 7 for Playstaton.And my favorite FPS is Ghost Recon Island Thunder, but im sure Halo 2 will kick GRITs [censored].

Crime When are you gonna get your other games back? and yes my sig does need a spell check.
BTW crime i rated you at
Posted By: Crime

Re: FPSs - 09/29/03 05:16 AM

prolly not in time to play them, and i dont see no rating on gtdb
Posted By: jonconley

Re: FPSs - 09/29/03 05:26 AM

Rise of the Triad (The Best)
Doom, Doom 2
Quake, Quake 2
Catacomb Abyss
Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament 2003

All the above are for the PC. The ONLY FPS for a console that I have enjoyed is GoldenEye & Perfect Dark. So many lost hours with my friends. Probably makes it better, b/c funner than playing over internet w/ ppl you don't know or see.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: FPSs - 09/29/03 06:45 AM

crime the ratings have to be approve b4 they show
GoldenEye is cool Jc
Posted By: Ghost

Re: FPSs - 09/29/03 08:45 AM

oh i also have Unreal Championship but i dont play it very often, i find that it takes too many hits with anything to kill someone, i only think its fun when you play with instant kill shock rifles, but hey thats my opinion.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: FPSs - 09/29/03 08:49 AM

Crime click here for your gtdb account
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